Friday, May 29, 2015

Garden days

Gardening in a new area is so fulfilling.  My daughter brought my moms stoneware Ice Tea crock to North Carolina with her. Since it was broken I repurposed it into a planter. 
 I placed a strawberry plant in it and placed it on top of a vintage  garden cage. Every time I look at it I am reminded of the wonderful times drinking teawith my parents. 
 This is my concrete planter my hubby carried from Florida to here. I am starting my 5th season of hens and chicks in this. They remind me of my nana.  Don't you find the best memories in the garden?

 Now, we are starting the front of the house with peonies 
 Hubby started mulching today. The best plan is to get a truck load delivered. It saves on hauling, gas and time. Now we have a mountain. 
 One wheel barrel at a time!
I love architectural pieces. I have a cooper tub I want to turn into a fountain. 
 I am working on the herb garden next. stay tuned. More work tomorrow. Di

Memorial Day

My hero has always been my dad. He fought in the Korean War, World War 2 and was a Sargeant in Fort Bragg training for Vietnam.
I am so thankful for our veterans and soldiers currently honoring our country 
He always taught me a hard work ethic and family first philosophy.
My girls and grandsons remind me of him everyday. My grand boys helped me celebrate Memorial Day this weekend. 
The sunflowers bring me such joy. The stars and flags came from Vickie at the Pink House. Next we have a cake to decorate,
My daughter made a quinoa cake with chocolate and dates
We used strawberries, blueberries and coconut.
Our flag is a little wonky but made with love

I hope your weekend and Memorial Day was great. Di

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday ramblings

 I love rambling around town on a sunny Saturday morning. Let's face it I like to ramble any ole day!  I head towards my favorite shop The Pink House.  I am amazed by Sherry and Ralph, partners in crime and creative owners. 
 Yes, I bought these.  I love sewing drawers for storage. These will go on the craft room. 

 Don't you love this sink. It is heavy. I like how she styled this. We talked about making this a planter. If I had an outside sink this would so be it. 

And this chair. Oh why didn't I buy this. Oh yes, I have way to many already. 

 Isn't this cabinet about as rustic as it gets. Very heavy as well. 

 I want every one of these planters. 
 This was my inspiration piece of the day. It was on Pinterest. It reminded me of my sister in laws moms french metal piece.  I hope your Saturday was awesome. Di

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Is Spring Here?

Is Spring really here?

It is so much fun to play outside with the beautiful flowers.

We can hide ourselves in the blossoms of spring

I really hope Spring is here to stay and no more cold weather!

Spring in all her Glory!
Cozy Little House
Keeping it Simplecrafts

Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paint Choices

Little fingers helping to hold up colors

My helper for the day agreed with my choice
I have used Benjamin Moore paints for my houses over the years. My go to color is Linen White , which I painted my walls (to see on Benjamin Moore site click here) linen white
and Simply White, which I painted the trim, in my old house.
simply white

 I have added some blue on an accent wall, Foghorn Blue and in the guest bath and Craft Room/guest room silver Cloud.  In my old house I painted Silver Cloud in my craft room.  I can't wait to get my stuff in the new house.  I do love yellow with this color and Pairs Gray Anne Sloan painted chairs and frame!

My favorite colors : blue and white
Simply White in the Great Room
Blue on the Outside
Oh I wish it was mid April! Time for our move in.


A Stroll Thru Life

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lights, lights, lights

We are now on to lights at the house. I had great input from all and had inspiration from some great sites. We went to Sierra Nevada Brewery and found so great inspiration!
This industrial hanging lamp is great

 Can you count how many bear bottles are in this chandelier ?
Anyway, back to the task at hand. We delivered the lights we had, my vintage ones plus the ones I found on line at Wayfair, Pottery Barn and Lamps Plus. 

my wedding cake chandelier, my friend Cindy found this for me many years ago. This time it is in my guest bathroom. 
This crystal chandelier is from Spain and hangs in the master bedroom. 

 This sweet chandelier hangs in our little sitting area off the kitchen. 
 Sorry about the lighting but this pendantlight is from the fifties and I painted it old white Anne Sloan paint. 
 Now the largest chandelier is in the dining room. I got this from Wayfair and didn't open the box for a month. I found I ordered gold instead of  parison white. So, what's a girl to do!  I painted it with my Anne Sloan paint. We will see if it's to big. 
 This light is in the laundry room and hallway. This is from Lamps Plus. 
I am waiting for the Pottery Barn pendants over the kitchen and the sconce over the sink. 

I am anxious to show you the finished project. Hopefully, fingers crossed in 2 weeks. Of course, it will be a mess for awhile but I can start unpacking!

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