Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fabric fun

I have been wanting a brush holder ever since I saw the ones created by Jeanne Oliver. Hers are made from vintage European grain sacks.  I love fabric, linen grain sacks and vintage curtains. I seem drawn to fabric when I am out and about.

Recent trip to Fletcher NC I found a roll of beautiful Maltese fabric for $19. I just old the leave it there. So I dug thru my fabrics and picked some favorites. Then, I surfed Pinterest and found a great tutorial. 

I followed the directions and started sewing. It became addictive. Each holder became my favorite. I made one for my nieces birthday present and she loved it. We can't wait to have a painting day.

I love toile and my favorite combo blue and white 
Even my brushes for painting with the chalk paints have their own folder made from a grain sack and vintage fabric 
 It even has that bit of rust (or is that dirt) .

I can't wait to try my next project!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Uncommon Hearts

I found a wonderful old, falling apart crazy quilt.  I couldn't leave it lying in the estate sale.  It was asking me to take it home.

Ok, I would be glad to have you in my safe arms.  The lady checking me out said, I hope you don't cut it up.  Did she read my mind?  Because it was ragged, the silk shredding.  I told her I have great plans for her.  Wouldn't it be better to share her with people than her being thrown away.

I feel so connected to the ladies that put these stiches in this fabric.  I wanted to create something special, so those hours, skills and special get togethers to create were not wasted.

When we got home she sat waiting for new life.  Then I remembered my great teacher, Susan Edmondson, made wonderful necklaces with her stiching.

So me and miss quilt had a date.  I started my series of "Uncommon Hearts" for a Common World.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Finding my creative voice

I had the great pleasure to take a class with Jeanne Oliver!  I travelled to Huntersville to Donna Downey's studio.

Oh my goodness what a pleasure to meet this lady.  I felt like I already knew her from her on line classes and blog.  I wanted to take a real life personal class from her.  And I did.

I can report she is real and she talks and acts just like she does on line.  I can say I learned so much and love her style, her sweet voice and her joyful personality!!

Okay, on to the fun we had.  I met so many wonderful ladies, 20 in our class.  No one, not one, of us brought negative energy into class.  Everyone was caring and helpful.  We laughed and yes, we cried.  But oh boy did we create.
 A collaboration pice our class did
 Jeanne's pieces
 Hope, it's what gets us there
I had the best class ever
On to creating. Di

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Winter joys

I have been busy crafting, working, working and yes working.  But I am trying to find my way back to sharing with everyone. 
It has been cold, then rainy, a day of snow and then crazy beautiful here in Asheville. The Biltmore is one of my favorite places to walk in beauty. 
Much like life's wandering. We find our way by interacting and enjoying the little joys in life

The colors of winter will surely bring color and vitality to spring. 

And then there was SNOW

We shall see what this weekend brings. Next I will share what finds I secured while traveling for work!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Christmas Eve

The night before Christmas and the puppies are settled in their beds dreaming of what puppies dream of. 
We have cooked our cookies

Shopped for all the presents
Decorated the house and got the kitchen ready

Now we celebrate our Lords birthday. Merry Christmas all

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Come on in
Lets go crafting!

Yes, turn that handle and walk on in...
I have been crafting, sewing and painting at Random Arts in Saluda, NC.  Susan Edmondson has been teaching classes there.  This is my 3rd class with her and I have rekindled my love for embroidery, stitching and creating with thread and fabric.
Look at all that goodness

The rich fabrics, velvets
Susan takes nature and incorporates it
into her craft.
My beautiful flowers in my garden
These are my recent creations
This is stitched on linen and placed in a vintage sewing kit

I placed this velvet flower on top!  I did quite a few stiches in the top to create the center pops of seeds.
One of my heart felt creations for valentines day

My mentor Susan's work is inspired

I can't wait to share some more!!

Knick of Time and A Stroll Thru Life

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Philly Travels and roads Travelled

Have you thought of the roads that have been travelled before you. The people that made the path for you. And the lives that have touched this earth before you?      

The cobblestone paths in Philadelphia touched my soul. It was girls trip to see my daughter in Philly, my nieces and sister went with me.
Liberty Bell and cuteness

My daughter walked us all over the town.  To end the day we went to one of the highest points and viewed the town.

The city in all it's glory

The next day we went to Valley Forge.  The history and wonder of fighting for the freedom to establish in the states was a good lesson for the kids.  We pondered as we walked the land about the weather they had to endure.  We thought of the turmoil in our world today and prayed for dedication to freeing all.

We also found time to ...

We spent time travelling the back roads of Lancaster and loved the culture and families we saw.

  I loved our time with the back roads, the family time and the thoughts of generations paving the way for us. 
The recent events and images from 911 made me sob this past week. They also paved the way fr their families, friends and people like you and me. I want to honor their story by continued deeds of story telling, prayer of hope and words of forefathers to value freedom.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, Di