Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day

 My sweet grandson, Ro, was given my dad's medal when he was a baby.  It was the last time my dad saw him.  I felt so proud that day and this day!
My dad was a Master Sargent served in The Korean War, World War II and Retired during The Vietnam War

 Roy Hubbard

One of the youngest members of our family Wade Hampton died at age 18 during World War I off the coast of Ireland.  His Grandfather John Hubbard died at age 18 during the Civil War in America
 wade hubbard   When you pause to think about the men and women that gave their lives for us, it is overwhelming.  With my head bowed and heart open, I thank all who have served and those that gave their lives for us.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Planting

I found the perfect container to make my terranium.   A vintage one to boot
  I gathered my plants from Roses Garden Shop

 I even gathered some cute gnomes and this great tree stump vase. I hunted for some sticks with that beautiful moss on it. Sweet Rose let me get it from her shop grounds. 
 I got some advice a the shop and started with some natural stones, soil, activated charcoal and moss

 First lay your stones

 Follow with the aclivated charcoal   I then added the soil and started putting in my plants and goodies. 

  It turned out just how I imagined 
 A view from the top

 I believe my garden gnome works while I am not looking

 His friend is watering via the self supporting terranium rain system

  Sitting on the counter it greats me every morning and makes me smile. 

I will have to gather more containers. These will make great gifts. 
Hope your week is great. Joining some sweet friends. Di

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week end Finds

This weekend I went around town and got some great ideas. I came home with a few goodies.  At Rose's Garden Shop, I looked at terrariums.  I want to make one for my countertop. Rose made this beautiful house a garden shop and upstairs her home.
  Then I spied this wonderful apothecary jar with a metal know how your heart goes pitter patter when you spy something!
   I loved it and wanted to take it home with me.  So I did!!
I found this sweet picture at my favorite sweet shop, The Pink House.   This print is from the 70's and I am a child of the 70's, so it went home with me for me. I am going to chalk paint the frame and put this in the craft room.  This picture reminds me of my 2 nieces. 

The next stop was at Renovation Station for a look at doors and metal.  At the Christmas flea, I bought a metal piece.  I should have gotten both but took only one.  So I was on the hunt for another piece.  While I was there I snapped some pictures of these great doors.
 I love the red one on the right.  That would make an awesome shelf or mounted with hooks.  Gee I should go back and get that!!

Wow, I found my other metal piece.  I am one lucky girl!
What a weekend.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday cleaning

With gifts shared, food eaten and hubby back at work, I finally cleaned the garage. After the Holiday Flea, I just had hubby stack it in.  Then the Christmas decorations were there, glaring at me. So I started sorting my pretties first. 
This beautiful bronze dresser set was on my dresser for years. 
These sweet French lights are ready to hang. I no longer have a place for them. I was going to put it in our new bathroom but they didn't go. 
I am not sure this will make it to the etsy shop. I may just have a place for it!
This set came from a local household v it is a treasure from Victorian times. See the hair collector jar. 
A beautiful set of Limones platters (set of 3).  I may still hang these but they are very heavy

I bought this for our laundry room. It does not fit. So sad!!  But it is a beauty

Day 2 in the garage is up today. What is on your mind to do today?

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Joy

It has been a busy holiday season. I have created gifts for friends and family.  I made these sweet stockings out of an old coverlet. 

I also made sheet music ornaments sprinkled with German glitter glass

This display incorporated sheet music, glitter an old drawer.  The little candle was the last gift my best friend gave me. She passed away after fighting cancer. This year I am lighting this for her sweet memory. 

Hubby and I made a few wreaths for the porch. 
This reindeer wreath turned out perfect for the front door. 
I made this banner a few years ago. One side is Christmas and the other soft blues. 
No, I didn't make the reindeer headband. But Sophia is smiling for the camera. I did make them doggie scarves

I made the scrabble Santa and reindeer ornaments
Loved meeting an old friend and going to her church

Sharing special moments with my family
 Atti is learning the violin and I went to his first recital 

Some gift swapping with bloggers
Receiving beautiful handmade gifts 

I made signs for family and me
Went to a wonderful season flea market and was a vendor. My sister in-law got this beautiful stoneware complete with decorations 
Next year I want to make those terrainium. Also loved this metal tree
 My booth did very well!
 The sweet puppy didn't hurt drawing people in!
I found some beautiful presents for my family. One gift was hard to let go. This sweet book went to my dear cousin, Star. She is waiting for a lung transplant and is the most inspirational person. 

I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas. Di


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