Friday, December 30, 2011

My favorite post and project of the year

One of my favorite projects of the year...Creating Time

Everyone loved their gifts this year.  I like everyone else love items that evoke a memory.  I am drawn to collecting bits and pieces.  When my mom and sister in law left behind so small items, I spent hours going through boxes.  I found rosaries, medals, keys, watch parts and gadgets.  My work area was covered with all the stuff and I must have fiddled for hours.  It gave me time to relect on my mom and dad, how much I miss them and how I value them.  With all that in mind I made these trays for my family.  What was really awesome is they cost about $1 to $5 per gift!!  Here is the post that I ran earlier last month...

My work Area
I have been in a frenzy getting my projects done.  I have been using my fabrics, gathered finds and my mom's watch and clock parts.  My daughters, grandsons and hubby have been helping.

I grew up playing in my Pops watch repair shop.  He had his shop ,downtown Orlando, in the front of the house.  He had the most fabulous workshop.  I would spend hours in his shop playing with the tools and jewelry.  I had my own drawer and would put "my" jewels in there.  I can still remember the ring I hid in there, I don't have that but do have a vintage wedding ring set he let me play with and too many watches!!  Or can you have to much...

Of course I had more than one drawer

Very similar to his workbench, I got this off Ebay and would love to bid if I had a place for it.

I made myself a little work tray for inspiration
These are secret surprises for my family...all made with my Pops and Mom's parts...I couldn't part with any of these, isn't that the way with all our collections!

 This one is for my hubby, the tray was at a church bizarre for $1, I couldn't pass up the curves and the tarnished patina

The Key is pointing "2 Always"!  The clock face from my mom's collection, the key from his sisters estate.

The St. Christopher's Medal I gave him when we were dating, the inscription is still there.
 The pins from his fathers work and a knob to hang jewlry.
2 are for my son-in laws and one is for me.

To me this symbolizes my mom, she loved silver and clocks.

This one is for my brother, he restores cars...I had to buy the speedometer but the rest came from our old house

I hope your projects were just as fun, thank you for letting me revisit my memories!!

Happy New Year,
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year and may you have all your wishes come true

Have a blessed New Year...We had a very blessed 2011 when we moved closer to our family and found out that my husband was cancer free...every thing else was icing on the cupcake!!
Here are my favorite things for 2011
Our move to North Carolina

My Sweetie
Sweet memories of Home
My memories of mom

 My favorite places...Ireland and Pawleys Island SC

My favorite project done with my bestest friend...we
plastered our china and florida shells on my old dry sink

My 2 favorite Uncle Bob and Dad

May Angels watch over you

                                                                 May the Lord Bless You
                                                                   Dance when you get the chance
                                                                 Pray for others
                                                              Gather with your friends
                                                                      Shine your light on others
                                                  Keep the spirit of Christmas all year long
                                                                   And Shine your light
                                                                        Happy New Year,
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with many blessings.  Thanks to all who follow and read this simple blog from my life.   I have appreciated all the comments about our little cottage life.  We were blessed in moving closer to our grandkids and nieces.  I hope the new year brings you health, joy and happinessHappy Birthday Jesus.

                                 My beautiful pillow made by Nan from You Can Make That

                                We will watch It's A Wonderful Life Tonight, our favorite movie
                                     I can show the bedroom now that all the gifts are wrapped

     Do you see my early Christmas presents?   The dresser Tray, White Perfume, Couple & Card

                                                              A Beautiful present I bought myself from Rhonda at a little bit of French...just beautiful
                                          We finished up the Sugar & Gingerbread Cookies
                                                      We had fun using the vintage cutters

                                          All Ro Ro wants for Christmas is his Two Front Teeth!!
                                                  My favorite Christmas Books

                                We finished projects (3 years old and paint what was I thinking?)

                                                  From My Heart To Yours....Merry Christmas