Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mount Pleasant is pleasant

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

When my daughter asked if I could come to help her out with taking #1 Grandson to school, I jumped in her car and we took off to Mount Pleasant.  After taking him to school I wandered around.  Mount Pleasant is located over the bridge from Charleston.  His school is located in the Olde District of Mount Pleasant.
First I went to a beautiful shop...

The shop I found is:  OUT of HAND the art of creating

Metal art my fav!!  I sure love me some watering cans.  My mom and best friend Cindy actually fought their way to a watering can at Reningers.  My mom won, we laughed about that for years.

A girl can not go wrong with a beautiful bird house.  A tin roof makes my day.  The antiques mixed with goodies was so wonderful.  The shop was awesome.  Being with my grandson is always fun but a girl has to amuse herself while the little man is in school.

Which one can I fit into?

The check out counter...lovely

I could sit here all day

I would wear either outfit but love the one on the right.  I love the clothes, boots and jewlry!!  I need to find me some boots, I will be checking the consignment shop by my house.

Which tiara is mine...

Oh, Paris

I am a sucker for ribbon, paper, crafting supplies, yarn ...well about anything I guess.  But when I went across the hall I spent another 30 minutes "fingering" (that is what my dear sister in law calls "longingly touching the item you desire").  The paper, ribbon and projects just made me want to buy one of everything.

Vintage ribbon, jars full, pitter patter went my heart

Wow...love the spindles and case

Village Bakery

This is where I had lunch Village Bakery  http://www.dinewithsal.com/ ...good eats.  Can you believe I was now ready to view some historic buildings.  I do admire a handsome house with big eyes (windows) and architectural details.

"Thou many of us go through our days parched and empty thirsting after happiness; where we're really standing knee deep in the river of abundance"  Sara Ban....Can you count your abundance?
Our trip ended with a tour of my favorite houses, churches and of course a view of the water with my little man.

Mount Pleasant Prebyterian Church erected 1854

These beautiful doors lead to the church.  This church served as a hospital during the Civil War. 

Saint Pauls Lutheran Church built 1884... the tin roof is gorgeous

Patjens Post Office

So with a quick tour of our favs and a view of the water we headed off to get Moma for a dinner of pizza and burgers at their favorite resturant.  He had the pizza with olives (his new like) and we had hamburgers and truffled french fries.  We had to play with the Ninja Lego's, watch a little TV and then off to bed.  Greenville in the morning!! and then off to Asheville to see Papa and Daddy.

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Asheville Cottage

Here is a tour of the cute cottage we are renting until we know the area.
Street view, we park UP the drive on the side of the house

The steps leading down to the mailbox across the street

The entry way to the front sun porch

I found this cute little cottage in one day!  Flew in stayed 2 nights and thankfully after viewing 4 different houses in Weaverville and Burnsville saw this.
The entry way, tight quarters to fit all my pretties.

Front sunroom

The back of the sunroom sitting area, everything slats to the right because of the slope.

I had to make a quick decision on a place because we were going to move in a month!  Have you tried to explain a space and decribe the details to your hubby?
Living room, media room ( a little tight but works well, we had to trade our big screen for this one)

Mimi and Papa's chairs

View into the dining room

He could not visualize anything.  It didn't make his list because: 1.  No garage  2.  Laundry room in a space outside house 3.  No fireplace.
But, I had a vision...cottage.  It was a chance to see if we could downsize and it was so cute.  Besides it was already painted with my colors...blue and white
Dining room, had to take the leaf out to fit it in.

We have alot of our family collectibles and items I have found over the years.  I'll tell you about the estate sale later (oh the agony)
View from Dining Room to Kitchen.

I unpacked my curtains and linens and everything worked out great.
Guest bedroom with my cottage Eastlake painted bedroom set (hubby almost sold it).

One of my custom pieces (French Windows made into a beautiful wardrobe).

guest room bathroom, black and white, oh la la.
    I have my mom's clocks (3 unpacked, 2 wall and 1 mantel clocks still packedBut I was able to get up my hubby to hang my favs.
Our bedroom, the king size bed fit (thank goodness, I promised hubby it would)  Of course, I didn't measure.  I will tell you the story of the wardrobe I bought that didn't fit in a later post.

Master bathroom
Back sunroom is our main entry.  We park our cars outside.  There is a guest room downstairs with a bathroom but you have to go outside and down some steps to get to that area.  It doesn't connect to the house.  For us it works well as our office/craft/guest room.  I will show that in the next post.
I hope you enjoyed my mini tour.  I will add the downstairs and awesome finds the next time.  Until then I hope your weekend was safe and dry and out of Irene's path.
Safe journey's