Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beautiful day in the Carolina's
My grandson watering the rabbit instead of the herb garden
When my grandson comes over we always have to water the plants.  Everything is dirty he says, so he has to wash the rabbit for at least 5 minutes.

We travel to our favorite places and this week we went to The Screen Door.  He loves rusty and shiny stuff too.  He will point out things for me and will softly touch the cool stuff.

I met the most wonderful vendor at The Screen Door from Florida.  I had picked up some cool song rolls, creamy white for my ironstone bowl and we got into a conversation of our love for white antiques.  Which I hope to link up with white wednesday next week.
We found this beautiful collection of silver at a garage sale.  The lady was selling her grandma's stuff and I just couldn't leave it behind, especially for $5 each! I will have to do some fun projects or leave it the way it is.  I love what The Feathered Nest, does!!
Until next time...kisses and hugs .... Di

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