Friday, September 30, 2011

31 days of change

Okay, I am In for 31 days of Family Fun for the holidays, getting ready for the holidays and having get togethers with family for health and love.

So join in! There is a linky party and I am planning my day 1 with a day at the Botanical Gardens and a picnic.

Safe Travels, Di

Getting ready for Fall

Getting Ready For Fall
Atti in the pumpkin patch!
For a first go, the burlap pumpkins turned out well.

DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR MY 300 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY!  I want this pillow!! A Give a way at You could make that....Click to see!!  You will like it, this continues on the burlap adventure.

Also Dear Dawn from posted about a possible come back of Mary Englebrit, my all time fav artist and magazine editor.

Just visit
to tell her why you loved the magazine
and that you'd LOVE to buy it again!!!!

Our day Trip to Hendersonville, NC for my Birthday was fab.  A day with my honey, shopping and lunch out, can't beat that.
There were many shops with great things.  We met some ladies from Clinton, Tenn.  Mary has a booth at Clinton Antique Mall and invites everyone to their annual street art and Antique festival Oct. 10th.  Stop in and see her booth.

This was in another shop but forgot to get the name.  But there are 2 floors of beautiful antiques.

Breast cancer awareness month is coming in October...tomorrow!

We saw a great free museum exhibit on the Civil War, WWI, Korea, WWII up to now.  I took one picture and then noticed the no pictures sign (whoops).

It is going to be 40 tonight and was so nice today but here comes the cool down.

Safe Travels, Di


Monday, September 26, 2011

Holiday Projects

Holiday Projects...Busy girl this past week
I always have a holiday project going...this year I don't have my best friend to help but my daughters have given me support.

The guest room/work room with all my fabrics and stuff!  Alot messy but I will have to clean quickly because the kiddos will be staying here for the holidays.  They are moving in next week.

Trusty sewing partner from Norma Joy.  She gave me hers when she inherited her moms.  Thank you Norma, a long time friend.

Project 1, stockings for the family.  I used a quilt my sister in law, ML, gave me; material Norma gave my daughter and feed sacks!

Project 2
   I used feed sacks from my local nursery, I went by on a misty day and they were having a 50% sale in their downstairs yard.
I had just watched Rachael Ray's show and she made placemats out of burlap.  Oh my, I was an excited customer and bought 3 bags, of course I went back and back 4 more to make some for my daughter and sister in law.

When I went to wash these, I really made a mess.  The tub was so filled with dirt and fibers.  So I hung them outside to dry.  Many days went by, rain happened, dry, rain, dry...finally I started my projects.  Two of the bags were green stripped, I really wanted to make my table runner first.   It came out great, pictures will follow.   Of course the 2nd bag didn't look as nice as the first and I was worried I couldn't make my I thought pumpkins.

I just had to have one, so I went on line to get a pattern to make my own.  I found a lovely site  She has a tutorial to make pumpkins, mine came out nicely and will be adorable for the holidays.  I will share mine on her site and my next post.

Project 3 Christmas presents and ornaments ... in the works but I can give sneak

Nest hubby found me, empty no eggs or birdies so inside it came.  I have some projects brewing.
Can You believe...
Woo Hoo, I won!!  I am so excited to with the giveaway from Freckled Laundry freckled laundry!  A Pumpkin from D'Reyne.  I can't wait to revel my prize...I picked the limited edition pumpkin.
Burlap Pumpkin Giveaway

We are in Charleston for the big move of the kiddo to North Carolina, So I will be sharing more pumpkin pictures next time.

Safe Travels,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best Friend and Travels

The CAR Adventures with Betsy and Evelyn

Ok Betsy is the car and Evelyn is the navigation device.  Cindy is the best friend.  So this car, "truck", has been in the family since 2000.  Let me tell you "Betsy" has been to the best antique fairs, shops and flea markets across the south.  She has been to the Farm, mountains, beach and back roads.  I actually drove through muddy swamp land and told my friend Cindy, "no worries, I have 4 wheel drive".  Well, I don't, I have overdrive...not 4 wheel drive.  I really didn't know the differance.  Good thing because there were gators out there and Betsy did a great job.
 We have put armoirs, desks, wardrobes and beds in this car.  It has been packed to the hilt by the two of us and transported to the house.  Now, when my friend was in Georgia and did not approve the furniture purchase I bought a wardrobe that was way to big.  My hubby put it together and placed it in the room, oh my goodness when I got in bed that night and he said didn't you notice the wardrobe?  Well, I was so tried I didn't but talk about an elephant in the room.  Way to big...needless to say it had to go back and I was able to trade in for a dresser, mirror and store credit.  My sense of grandness got the best of me, I come by it honestly because my mom said oh it will definetly fit...not.
Stuff we have put in the car, Cottage bedroom set, custom cabinets, desks, baby beds...
Cool, desk cabinet that I want to use Anne Solone paint on...what color I wonder, probably a blue.
 Best Friend Cindy in Mount Dora...which we made many trips to in ole Betsy
All of my family have purchased pieces from  Victoria's Antique Warehouse in Leesburg Florida;  We loved this shop, Victoria has a warehouse in the back where she has wonderful pieces from across the US and gets containers from, wait for it, FRANCE.  Cindy and I have packed up Betsy to the hilt with those pieces, no wonder my shoulder still hurts!

One of my Victoria pieces made from vintage windows from a France apartment.
TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING IS WONDERFUL...Or is it?  This is Hubby with a full truck that Cindy, my sister in law, her mom and my brother filled to take to an antique sale!  Are we silly or what?!

My Mom and Grandkids always thought that Evelyn, the navigator was a real person.  They think it is funny that I talk back to her.  Honestly, she does sound irritated when I make a wrong she says.  Ro does a really good imitation, of course with a giggle.

Cindy and I have so much fun whenever we get together, I hope you have a friend that will go the miles with you and laugh with you along the way.

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same- Flavia Weedn

Save Travels my friends,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A look at what I found...a giveaway...and the getaway trip to Charleston

A Give-away and A Get-away

Tracie at French Larkspur is lucky to have a great giveaway.

Talk about items to dream about, Tracey is hosting Heather from

.Post Road Vintage.  Tracey is giving a $300.00 gift card to Heather's Etsy.

The photo bike phot is from Heather's shop.  Oh my goodness there is a roll top shelf that I could see on my desk.  Follow the roles on Tracey's blog. 

Let me know what you would choose if you won the $300.00 gift card.

So get on the bandwagon.

Charleston getaway

I told you I was going to help my Mount Pleasant kids pack to move up here.  So a quick getaway was completed this weekend.  I drove quickly but safely and arrived Friday about 1pm.  My daughter and I were packing fools.  Saturday afternoon we could barely move.  By Sunday we packed up all but the clothes and essential kitchen and bathroom.  Let me tell you my grandson has alot of toys...when I told him that he said "thank you Mimi!".  I don't believe I was complimenting him.

The son-in-law all decked out for packing!!  The Packing Pirate...

Ro and I decided on Monday after school to take a ride about Mount Pleasant

 My grandmom Lucy had these in her yard, it reminded me of her.
 This old tree in the park had eyes watching the kids play
 Of course I had to stop at my favorite store, they were decked out for Halloween, Ro thought that was cool.
 Ro took the pictures of the skeleton, I liked the sign "Love Always Wins", don't know if the two go together but the little one loved it.

 Maybe he is laughing at me because he knows my car is packed yet again with a full load.
 Water, the fish, was in the front with me.
I will tell you about the beautiful red rockers and the adventures my best friend Cindy and I had in this car.  
Until next time, Safe Travels,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let us Not Forget

On September 11th, 2001, 4 passenger jets crashed by the force of terrorism. The twin World Trade Centers were each hit with planes, a third into the Pentagon. A fourth plane never reached its destination, it was brought down by the brave souls on flight 93 that made the ultimate sacrifice . Almost 3,000 innocent people were killed that day, along with the first responders to the attacks as firemen, police, and paramedics. In remembrance of these brave men and women.
This was from one of my dear friends facebook page.

Safe Travels,

Friday, September 9, 2011

Treking around Town

I am continuing on my trek around the antique shops around town.  The Screen Door , is my shop today.  Grandson #2 and I headed out in rain gear.  He loves his new raincoat and the ladybug boots (I found those at a garage sale for $2).  It was a great day for this store because we get to shop and read.  The store has many booths and a great book store with cozy reading spots.  It was a 4 book day on the sofa.

 I was the offical first buyer from this new booth.  I loved her displays.  I bought a blue covered early school primer.  I could have bought much more but was on a hunt for things for my etsy shop.  I really liked the doll heads, my son in law does great projects with found objects.

 Another booth across from hers, beautiful~
 Yet another!
 And this vendor.  She has great industrial items and sells at the Paris Flea Market also...I bought some great items from her I will be posting.
 I would love this if I had space.
 Don't we all need to "Mend" something in our life
 Yet another cute booth I could have bought from, grandson found the little chairs and showed me.  I would love the beds for a day bed.

 Tres Chic

 Gates, need I say more...
 Getting cozy in the bookstore, oh how I wanted some hot tea...hey, I might suggest that.

 I sat in one of these when I was in elementary school, did you?

 Love these beds, I can see them covered with pillows and linens.
 Industrial, my new love...

Grandson spoted the chairs!

The shop had 2 real dogs today, one was called Milkshake, he was so good let us pet and love on him.  The other actually laid at our feet as we sat in the chairs at the front of the shop.  I had to hold a quilt and touch every stich while trying to decide.  I am travelling to Mount Pleasant for the weekend to help my daughter pack for her move to NC.  So good bye, I hope your weekend is great.  Safe Travels, Di.