Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Best Friend and Travels

The CAR Adventures with Betsy and Evelyn

Ok Betsy is the car and Evelyn is the navigation device.  Cindy is the best friend.  So this car, "truck", has been in the family since 2000.  Let me tell you "Betsy" has been to the best antique fairs, shops and flea markets across the south.  She has been to the Farm, mountains, beach and back roads.  I actually drove through muddy swamp land and told my friend Cindy, "no worries, I have 4 wheel drive".  Well, I don't, I have overdrive...not 4 wheel drive.  I really didn't know the differance.  Good thing because there were gators out there and Betsy did a great job.
 We have put armoirs, desks, wardrobes and beds in this car.  It has been packed to the hilt by the two of us and transported to the house.  Now, when my friend was in Georgia and did not approve the furniture purchase I bought a wardrobe that was way to big.  My hubby put it together and placed it in the room, oh my goodness when I got in bed that night and he said didn't you notice the wardrobe?  Well, I was so tried I didn't but talk about an elephant in the room.  Way to big...needless to say it had to go back and I was able to trade in for a dresser, mirror and store credit.  My sense of grandness got the best of me, I come by it honestly because my mom said oh it will definetly fit...not.
Stuff we have put in the car, Cottage bedroom set, custom cabinets, desks, baby beds...
Cool, desk cabinet that I want to use Anne Solone paint on...what color I wonder, probably a blue.
 Best Friend Cindy in Mount Dora...which we made many trips to in ole Betsy
All of my family have purchased pieces from  Victoria's Antique Warehouse in Leesburg Florida;  We loved this shop, Victoria has a warehouse in the back where she has wonderful pieces from across the US and gets containers from, wait for it, FRANCE.  Cindy and I have packed up Betsy to the hilt with those pieces, no wonder my shoulder still hurts!

One of my Victoria pieces made from vintage windows from a France apartment.
TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING IS WONDERFUL...Or is it?  This is Hubby with a full truck that Cindy, my sister in law, her mom and my brother filled to take to an antique sale!  Are we silly or what?!

My Mom and Grandkids always thought that Evelyn, the navigator was a real person.  They think it is funny that I talk back to her.  Honestly, she does sound irritated when I make a wrong she says.  Ro does a really good imitation, of course with a giggle.

Cindy and I have so much fun whenever we get together, I hope you have a friend that will go the miles with you and laugh with you along the way.

Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same- Flavia Weedn

Save Travels my friends,

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