Friday, September 2, 2011

Finding our way around Greenville

Greenville Adventures

Grandson #1 and I ventured into Greenville while my daughter was at a meeting.  I am not great with directions and left "Evelyn" my navigator at home.  Ro said Mimi we left Evelyn at home!  She gets so irritated when we miss a turn...recalculating.  Oh, no, are we going to find our way, luckly we did and I just headed toward downtown.  We found some great places to spend our 4 hours but mom finished early, thankfully I checked my phone.
Christ Church

1826 marked on gate leading to a family enclosed area.  The pathways were laid out with brick and created a walkway to view each area.  The ironwork is an art form in itself

These gates were all from the 1800's and beautifully designed to represent a mournful family.  The centuries of loved ones carefully laid to rest. 

Watching over the graves was a wise old tree

Upcountry History Museum. 
Next, we drove down town and luckly found a museum and library, learning about the history of the Upcountry.  Also saw information on football...our families love Clemson and GameCocks, so it is interesting during college football seaon.

Ro worked the bobbin factory machine.  Back in the day the factories had 7 year old children work 14 hour days to change the bobbins out.  Ro was glad he doesn't have to do that!

We played (I mean studied) in the library and had a nice lunch in there cafeteria.  I had a great cobb salad.

Acting like a frozen statue outside the library!!

On our way home we stopped at County Antiques.  It is an antique mall and I saw fun things I would want to have this is on my list to go back and visit.  On the Weekends there are some small shops that are open.

This area was Michaels, he had just brought in some new items.  The Rodeo item was not in his area but it sure went great with his items.  Loved the lamp, it would fit right on my table.

A pretty dining room set up!  Lots of ironstone, I made sure to take one piece home.

              Here are the items we brought home.  My daughter found a great old syringe for her medical collection.  I got feed sacks and ironstone.

The way back home, beautiful skies and mountains.  It was a great day with my daughter and grandson.  Tomorrow we are having a chilli contest between the my daughter and my other daughter's husband.  Beef, bison and choroizo chilli vs. chicken chilli.  It will be delicious for sure.
 Please visit Robyn @ read her story about her brother...he had a lifesaving event.  She also has a great contest, I have to really think about this one since I want to do something fun for the holidays since we will all be together. 

Safe travels, Di

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  1. sseithel@hotmail.comSeptember 2, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    You are killing me here D! I love birdhouses, ironstone pitchers, transferware - all the stuff you are seeing. You are so lucky! We have no good antique shops around Orlando, unless you know some I don't. In any case, they are probably very expensive. Looks like you are having a great time!!


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