Monday, September 26, 2011

Holiday Projects

Holiday Projects...Busy girl this past week
I always have a holiday project going...this year I don't have my best friend to help but my daughters have given me support.

The guest room/work room with all my fabrics and stuff!  Alot messy but I will have to clean quickly because the kiddos will be staying here for the holidays.  They are moving in next week.

Trusty sewing partner from Norma Joy.  She gave me hers when she inherited her moms.  Thank you Norma, a long time friend.

Project 1, stockings for the family.  I used a quilt my sister in law, ML, gave me; material Norma gave my daughter and feed sacks!

Project 2
   I used feed sacks from my local nursery, I went by on a misty day and they were having a 50% sale in their downstairs yard.
I had just watched Rachael Ray's show and she made placemats out of burlap.  Oh my, I was an excited customer and bought 3 bags, of course I went back and back 4 more to make some for my daughter and sister in law.

When I went to wash these, I really made a mess.  The tub was so filled with dirt and fibers.  So I hung them outside to dry.  Many days went by, rain happened, dry, rain, dry...finally I started my projects.  Two of the bags were green stripped, I really wanted to make my table runner first.   It came out great, pictures will follow.   Of course the 2nd bag didn't look as nice as the first and I was worried I couldn't make my I thought pumpkins.

I just had to have one, so I went on line to get a pattern to make my own.  I found a lovely site  She has a tutorial to make pumpkins, mine came out nicely and will be adorable for the holidays.  I will share mine on her site and my next post.

Project 3 Christmas presents and ornaments ... in the works but I can give sneak

Nest hubby found me, empty no eggs or birdies so inside it came.  I have some projects brewing.
Can You believe...
Woo Hoo, I won!!  I am so excited to with the giveaway from Freckled Laundry freckled laundry!  A Pumpkin from D'Reyne.  I can't wait to revel my prize...I picked the limited edition pumpkin.
Burlap Pumpkin Giveaway

We are in Charleston for the big move of the kiddo to North Carolina, So I will be sharing more pumpkin pictures next time.

Safe Travels,

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  1. Well done on winning a giveaway!! Hooray for you!!

    Your stocking looks amazing - I was straining my neck to see all the lovely details!!



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