Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A look at what I found...a giveaway...and the getaway trip to Charleston

A Give-away and A Get-away

Tracie at French Larkspur is lucky to have a great giveaway.

Talk about items to dream about, Tracey is hosting Heather from

.Post Road Vintage.  Tracey is giving a $300.00 gift card to Heather's Etsy.

The photo bike phot is from Heather's shop.  Oh my goodness there is a roll top shelf that I could see on my desk.  Follow the roles on Tracey's blog. 

Let me know what you would choose if you won the $300.00 gift card.

So get on the bandwagon.

Charleston getaway

I told you I was going to help my Mount Pleasant kids pack to move up here.  So a quick getaway was completed this weekend.  I drove quickly but safely and arrived Friday about 1pm.  My daughter and I were packing fools.  Saturday afternoon we could barely move.  By Sunday we packed up all but the clothes and essential kitchen and bathroom.  Let me tell you my grandson has alot of toys...when I told him that he said "thank you Mimi!".  I don't believe I was complimenting him.

The son-in-law all decked out for packing!!  The Packing Pirate...

Ro and I decided on Monday after school to take a ride about Mount Pleasant

 My grandmom Lucy had these in her yard, it reminded me of her.
 This old tree in the park had eyes watching the kids play
 Of course I had to stop at my favorite store, they were decked out for Halloween, Ro thought that was cool.
 Ro took the pictures of the skeleton, I liked the sign "Love Always Wins", don't know if the two go together but the little one loved it.

 Maybe he is laughing at me because he knows my car is packed yet again with a full load.
 Water, the fish, was in the front with me.
I will tell you about the beautiful red rockers and the adventures my best friend Cindy and I had in this car.  
Until next time, Safe Travels,

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