Friday, September 9, 2011

Treking around Town

I am continuing on my trek around the antique shops around town.  The Screen Door , is my shop today.  Grandson #2 and I headed out in rain gear.  He loves his new raincoat and the ladybug boots (I found those at a garage sale for $2).  It was a great day for this store because we get to shop and read.  The store has many booths and a great book store with cozy reading spots.  It was a 4 book day on the sofa.

 I was the offical first buyer from this new booth.  I loved her displays.  I bought a blue covered early school primer.  I could have bought much more but was on a hunt for things for my etsy shop.  I really liked the doll heads, my son in law does great projects with found objects.

 Another booth across from hers, beautiful~
 Yet another!
 And this vendor.  She has great industrial items and sells at the Paris Flea Market also...I bought some great items from her I will be posting.
 I would love this if I had space.
 Don't we all need to "Mend" something in our life
 Yet another cute booth I could have bought from, grandson found the little chairs and showed me.  I would love the beds for a day bed.

 Tres Chic

 Gates, need I say more...
 Getting cozy in the bookstore, oh how I wanted some hot tea...hey, I might suggest that.

 I sat in one of these when I was in elementary school, did you?

 Love these beds, I can see them covered with pillows and linens.
 Industrial, my new love...

Grandson spoted the chairs!

The shop had 2 real dogs today, one was called Milkshake, he was so good let us pet and love on him.  The other actually laid at our feet as we sat in the chairs at the front of the shop.  I had to hold a quilt and touch every stich while trying to decide.  I am travelling to Mount Pleasant for the weekend to help my daughter pack for her move to NC.  So good bye, I hope your weekend is great.  Safe Travels, Di.

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  1. What a great shop Di! We went to Mt.Dora, Taveres and Eustis last week and found some good shops. They are there you just have to find them. Keep having fun and be safe!


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