Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31 Family Fun and Living in the Moment

Day 31 Family Fun and Living in the Moment
                                 As a new Blogger it was a challenge I didn't know if I wanted to do, but everyone in blog land is very helpful and inspiring.  I have a lot to learn but don't be all in life.  So as Day 1 started and Day 31 started I reflected on my family and my goal to live in the moment

                       When I retired from my job...I wondered how I would do in North Carolina
                                We packed all the boxes and loaded 3 pods, hubby did most of the pods.
                                                               We did it for family...
.                           I accomplished alot with my family during this 31 days and had a great time doing things I have wanted to do for a long time.
                                                   My last project for fall finished the last bookcase with paper banner leaves

                                                             Two of the boys ready for Treating
                                                                      We only had 2 visitors but they were cute
                                                                  All the candles were lit
                                                               The lights lead the way

                              So goodnight moon, goodnight bear, goodnight everyone


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 30 Family Fun Halloween Wreath

Day 30 Family Fun

Since we are still in the house with our colds, I decided to complete a simple wreath for the sunroom door.  This is actually the front door Trick or Treaters would come to.
 I had made some extra ghosts  from a previous day  a print out from my stash.  I took the spring wreath and removed the garden can and ivy.  Added some burlap ribbon I found at and just attached the ghosts; tied the picture with orange and green ribbon.  Thankfully Michaels has the suction cup door hanger, just make sure your panes are clean and it will stick (mine slid off several times until my bright son-in-law said, I think you need to clean them! worked)

Now they will be greeted with a cute little witch and her ghosty friends

We will put the decorated pumpkins on the steps and be good to go.  I will post tomorrow with the final effects...It was fun decorating and doing projects this year with my grandsons and family.  I don't usually go all out but with the 31 Days of posting for October and being with all the family, it has been a joyful adventure.

Thank all of you in blogland for your great ideas...I have met some talented people out there and am glad we have a way to connect,

Tools of the Past...Family Fun Day 27

Tools of the Past

A few posts ago I mentioned I put together toolboxes for my girls and myself.  I used favorite instruments from my mom, pops and father-in-law Bud

                                       I found this cute little box for me and filled it with my fav's

My mom's magnifiers...she always had these around.  Her recipe for Birthday Cake underneath...found during my searches.  I love to she her writing

lots of pliers, cutters and files

Bud had engineers tools, many of those are in storage but see the little box with parts, he built that case.  His boy scout compass and stopwatch.  Trusty measuring tape

                                      Bottles filled with buttons, watch parts and scrabble pieces

      My work desk, my brother said it looked like my mom's (no, he didn't mean it as a compliment!)
                         My father-in-law's Idea sign, he was always a tinker, creative man
                                      Part of my stamp, creative area, the rest is in the closet!!

What tools of the trade do you have always near by?

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P.S. Forgot to post this on the correct day, must be the cold medication...thought I did but when I went in today I noticed it still said edit...sorry about that!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29 Halloween Card Making

Day 29 Halloween Card Making
Since I've had this cold I've been moving along in slow mo...we had all the craft stuff out for the pumpkins and just decided to go with the flow.
 I went thru my supplies in slow motion again and found 3 5x7 canvas boards and thought I'd make a card that the kids could keep and hang up in their rooms
We gathered glue, glitter, crystal effects from Stamp it up, scissors, ribbon and pictures that you like.  I picked out pictures from a lady in Georgia that I had ordered from years ago and one ME picture.

I applied glue on the cut out and placed on the board, then Mod Podge followed by Crystal effects and glitter
                                                                     For Ro


Flip board over and glue ribbon down to create hanger and then glue a picture to cover...done!!

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Safe Travels, Di

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28 Family Pumpkin Contest

                   Day 28 Family Fun/ Living in the moment: Today we had pumpkin contests in our house
                                #1            Ro and Dad

 Mr. Potato Head goes Pirate Pumpkin

#2       Mommie
 Cool Stem

                           Craved a skeleton hand holding a muffin and added a stained glass effect with glitter
                                                 She added Glitter and Highlights to the stem

                                       #3        Mimi and Papa

                                                         Ro called her Lady Ga Ga

In the afternoon Ro & me went to the Halloween Fun Time and met up with Dad....Face Painting, no I didn't know I was getting my face painted but Ro picked out a butterfly for me!

                                                    Ga Ga and Potato Head got together

Good day all around since the work schedules were all over that place!!
Safe's raining here...may turn in to snow flurries...SNAIN (Ryism)