Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn Leaves are Falling Day 19 of Family Fun

Autumn Leaves are so beautiful but did you know the song "Autumn Leaves" in French is
"Les Feuilles mortes" (literally "The Dead Leaves") ?

                                                          Beautiful Fall Leaves in our yard make the yard look alive to me
                                                            A Carpet in our yard

                                                                    Leaves everywhere
                                                                 A Few Posts ago I shared my flowers, so with all the leaves about me I thought I needed to made a banner of leaves

To go with my of the things I love about blogland is that everyone shares...I saw the leaf idea on Girl in Pink , I wanted to make this leaf banner!!
I even went to Michaels and bought the leaf cutter that she featured!  So here is how I did it...Leaf cutter, pencil, old book (bought for 50 cents at the church flea market), scissors, sewing machine and white thread

I tore the pages out and traced the pattern on the pages.  I was able to cut out 10 pages at a time.  I laid them out to see how I would like them.  I cut out about 60 leaves and bunched mine pretty tight as I sewed. I was afraid to try this because it sounded hard...was not.  I just sat down and went one leaf at a time laying them in varying up, down, tilted etc...  I probably bunched a bit much but it is fine.
I tacked them up and had to use clear tape to secure some of the areas.  I did attempt to twist but didn't get the effect I wanted.  This actually didn't take to long and had it ready with the grandson came home!!

                       Dressing the Book case for fall, top layer done, Should I add more and more layers????

                                                                  My Hero, my dad ...
Photobucket I am sharing with Wow us Wednesdays! [TT%2520small%255B5%255D.jpg]Transformation Thursday @ The Shabby Creek Cottage And ...Friday's Common  Ground
Enjoy your day and have some fun as the leaves fall...vif187
                                                                Travel Safe my friends,


  1. Warmth and a peaceful feeling... that's what I get out of your blog.... very nice. Love that last photograph dad-daughter.


  2. Sound is great. Last photograph is so beautiful, nature photographs always best, You have a great talent how to take photographs from artificial things.

  3. That looks fab, thanks for sharing, Karima


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