Saturday, October 1, 2011


Day 1
Faith is the state of being ultimately concerned.
                                                     -Paul Tillich
I joined in 31 Days to concentrate on living fully with my family.  I am reading the book The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.  He poses a new thought daily on having the Life you want by being Present to the Life you Have.  While I have been trying to read it daily, I don't.  I thought this would be the perfect venue to fulfill my desire to concentrate on Family Fun.

Going out to nature is a wonderful way to connect with family and yourself.  We headed out to the Botanical Gardens in AshevilleWe decided since it is a little blowey (windy), we would do a short walk along the upper path to the stream.  We will schedule a picnic during the week when it is warmer (another FUN DAY).

We were missing Papa and Patty (grandad), Ro took the picture.  He then dropped the camera on the rock!  But no worries it still works.  He is still practicing with taking pictures but did great.

We thought this looked like a pirate cave and will come back and explore this spot. Maybe on our picnic day.

I thought the branches looked like angel wings!

This afternoon I am linking up with The Nester and watching Football with my son-in-law and grandson!! (that counts as family fun too)


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