Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 11 Family Fun

Day 11
Our life experiences will have resonances within our innermost being, so that we will feel the rapture of being alive.
                     -Joseph Campbell

My spirit is singing because I am moving forward in my clear and positive thinking and being creative today.  So today, I am blogging and seeing beautiful projects and getting ready to start the apple season by making some apples for fall and christmas (yes, I said christmas). 

I will share this project in my future post!  But I used my vintage tablecloths and assorted fabrics I had.  The boys helped me collect the sticks and stuffed the apples with me.  I will share this with my blogging friends.

When I went to the church flea market I found so great items and then found a garage sale with some lace and this wonderful anchor.

                          Isn't this a great piece.

It fit into my display swimingly, which I am sharing with Faded Charm, White Wednesday (click on the link on my sidebar to the right)

My grandfather World War I and II, Navy Officer, the anchor just sings to me and it's white!

Gourds from the church sale, I love the design, stars, squids the boys say!  Going to share with my uncommonslice of suburbia, also on sidebar.

All white items were my finds this week, I am a happy girl.

Is she not the sweetest...she is on a metal frame and don't think I can part with her (I think I always say that).

This beautiful swan was at Goodwill and she had to come to the house.  I have a vase that hubby's parent got on their honeymoon, dad gave it to me.

My next project with be to "fall" this up!  Hope to have it ready for next week.  There are 3 white cases with 20 separate "stalls"  The mounted TV takes up 2 stalls.

Daphne has a great giveaway, of course I want this beautiful purse!

I included some family fun, living in the moment and joy (my blogging friends).
Safe Travels,


  1. Enjoyed my visit to Cottage Wishes... loved seeing all your inspiration. I'll visit again soon.

  2. You did good girl! (new follower here!)


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