Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12 Family Fun and Living in the Moment

Day 12We tend to Cling
Sometimes you want nothing to change, we can't stop life from flowing.  So we are left with feeling what was and what is, and we call the difference loss.  Mark Nepo,  The Book of Awakening.

Yes, I cling, yes I know we can't stop life and freeze it!  So, I am working on letting things in and try not to over analyze things.  Wow, for me that is tough but I am working on it.  So with that in mind...

I am in a scrappy mood!!  I am still doing projects, I have 2 more burlap bags to use up.  And believe I will make wreaths (mini), but today we stuffed more apples and used the scraps to make flowers with burlap and vintage materials.
Talk about fibers everywhere!

I do have flowers and stars in here.  First I followed the recommendations and rinsed the burlap feed (chicken feed) sack many times, the tub was filled with dirt, burlap and feed).  I hung them outside to dry and then washed several more times.  Of course, we had company coming so I had to clean the tub (honest I did)!

Second, I drew a template for the flowers and stars and cut them out.
Third I sewed around each flower and star with a zigzag stitch.
Fourth, I pick out a cute button and attached the fabric to the burlap for the flowers and just attached the buttons to the stars.

The finished product with the angels watching.

I am linking this post to my favorite linking parties on the right!!

We are getting ready for the fall decorating inside this weekend.  We did outside last weekend and you can find that in the past weeks posts.

~New Party ~
My sneak preview on the next project.

Have a great night...

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up the outdoor fall decor party over here! loving that candelabra outdoors - such a fabulous idea! xoox, tracie
    ps - did you sign up for the giveaway on my blog? today is the last day!!!!!


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