Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 14 Family Fun Harvesting Fabric

Day 14  Family Fun
Creating love one bite at a time, of should I say one stitch at a time

If we can slow to the pace of creation, truth will sweep like a flock of birds from the mountain we climb.  Mark Nepo

When my grandson gets frustrated his mommy tells him to take a deep breath to relax to slow his mind so he can think and feel.  I find this works for me also.  We did projects yesterday and the little one loved to stuff the fill into the apples, talk about fun.

I have been harvesting my fabric to create fun grandson's 2 1/2 and 6 had to have one for themselfs.  They helped stuff them and collect the sticks for the stems.
1.  Trace your apple template on to the wrong side of the fabric - cut 2. (I cut about 6 apples at a time, unless the fabric is thicker like the old towels).
2.  Sew around the apple leaving the top open.  Stuff to your desired fullness (not to tight)
3.  Hand stitch around the top, I started in the middle on one side and ended next to my first stitch.
4.  Place your stick down into the stuffing. Then gather the two threads (leave your needle on while doing this), pull lightly as not to break the thread.  Trust me I did this a few to many times, it broke, I started over.
5.  Now gather until it closes and tie it tight.  Now take the needle and go down by the stick to through the middle of the apple to the bottom and back up (this will create that cute dipple on the bottom). 
6.  Now if you have any gaps up top you can stitch it closed.
7.  That's it...I am thinking to add some leafs and lace.

Have fun!

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  1. Hi Di, from Louisiana. Love, love your harvest of apples. Have you seen pumpkins done this way; gonna give them a try to put on my table, so easy and fun; looking forward to your life unfolding in a whole new arena -- Blessings Terri


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