Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 17 Family Fun , Living in the Moment Bookcase Reveal

               Day 17 Bookcase Reveal
This is how the previous person had the living room, nice but not my colors...  When I looked at the place they painted the room blue and everything was bare, so my mind could visualize all my white and blue fitting right in.

My fall decorating stays in touch with my white touches.  The pumpkin is my giveaway win from Freckled Laundry made by On one shelf I have my Florida plates and my fishing pictures with my Dad and Uncle Bob!

The pumpkin I made from a feed sack mixes with my piano rolls and mom's childhood books.  My sweet babies are mixed in.  My happy bluebird is there reminding me of my parents!

I still have my love of the sea mixed in.  My stoneware is mixed in and I love seeing it everyday.

Here is the entire section, the bottom shelves have our dvd's, players, grandson's books and games.
The next step I will be working on this week is the fall banner!!  Got my supplies and will share that in the week.

Visit Jen @ for a giveaway that is too awesome to miss.  I sure see lots that I could gift and keep for my family and myself!!


  1. Wow. I love all your pretty treasures and the way you have them displayed in your bookshelves. Very nice job!

  2. looks great!

    found you and this lovely post via houseintheroses and would love to have you visit the great giveaway i have at the moment!



  3. I love your creative vignette styling. It is simplistic and beautiful. I especially like the pitchers in the top cubby. Just popped over from White Wednesday. I will come back for a return visit. Thanks for posting.


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