Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 20 French Twist

A little inspiration for Thursday...
I was reminded of inspiration and our family fun when I was looking at pictures this week.  When you you wonder if it is fantasy... or is it a possibility?
Yes, I am a dreamer.  No, we are not international travelers but my dream trip was a possibility made real.  My work had a beautiful workshop to guide us to our possibilities and mine was making my daughter's dream wedding in Ireland happen. When we traveled to Europe for my daughter Erin's wedding we did a few days in Paris...I have loved all things French, so when we could make this happen I jumped on this.    It actually came together through touches of little miracle finds.  The cost was kept down since only my other daughter, her husband and little one and his sister and boyfriend and us traveled.  Every one stayed together in great homes we found.  We kept the wedding simple and my other daughter and son-in law did the video and photography.  It was my dream trip as well as theirs.

Today I am sharing my love of French Twist

A beautiful marble clock from my mom's collection, now softly reminding me of her love of clocks

A beautiful pitcher made by my husbands grandmother filled with hydrangea's

Oui, Oui very frenchy compact from the 40's

A lovely petit point purse

It's from France you know...Limoges

Oh yes blue and white bobbins

A petite touch of french elegance

French Twist for Thursday
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  1. Beautiful French items, you've done a great job on the vignettes:)
    I have the same table runner, and I just saw the all red with white stripe in my local fabric store, planning on getting some yardage next visit. Have a wonderful week, tami

  2. Hello...loving all your french treasures!

  3. I found a interesting French treasure in your blog. Really attractive and superb ordering of photographs. Also, you done a great job on the vignettes.


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