Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21 Fall Days and Collecting Day

  Beautiful Fall Day in Asheville to have some Family Time
We started out at the Consignment Store and the boots I was going to buy were gone...just like antiquing, junking or collecting strike when you see something you like!
 We picked up the grandson from early day and headed downtown to look around...I try to keep my Etsy shop filled, daughters love helping by either making items or finding items.
The beautiful sky with the building drapped for fall, change is in the air!
 Cute doll trunk, my bear fits in so comfortabe but I did post this on my shop

This I am keeping in my stash for now, loving the tourquoise and crown on top

There are some great tips in here and think I will keep this as well, it goes so well with my white and cream

This is the book with beautiful templates...I did put this in my shop.
I love Dragonfiles.  "It's hope that gets you there..." from the Movie Dragonfly with Kevin Costner  (love the end and won't give it away).

A beautiful iron clock that I haven't decided to part with, I love the woman on the clock.  I am continuing my mom's love for clocks.

 I found 5 great old white boxes filled with these cools buttons ready for assembly...I kept a box for me and listed the rest in my shop
Wonderful english primer I parted with on the shop

And then there is this sweet pail I found for $4 that I am having a hard time parting with, in the same both was a blue iron that I kept also.  Love that shade of blue, I have a secretary that I want to paint with Anne Slone blue!
Baby girl daughter took this home, 80's fiesta tourquoise water pitcher $5 at a tag sale. 
I am seeing a trend, I think we are keeping more than we are selling!
In all we have so much fun looking and stopping at garage sales and antique places.  My girls have an appreciation of found things, it warms my their boys go with us and I love that too!
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The Corn Maze tomorrow and pumpkins,

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