Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 23 Family Fun and Living in the Moment

Day 23  I found this lovely blog and it brought up some good points,
"About using 'the real thing' in your art - the actual vintage papers and ephemera you've collected"

It got me thinking about what I did for my girls going thru my mom and sister-in laws estate.  My mom and her dad were clock makers.  My grandpops sold jewelry and repaired watches & clocks and passed his tools to my mom.

When I went thru her work room I realized how much we were alike.  She collected all things watch, clock and I collect buttons, fabric and papers.  She tinkered on her watches and I tinker on my projects.

                                             My grandmothers hat box, my aunt in her young 20's
                                         Perfume bottles, keys and necklace from her room
                A cream heart won by my dad when we lived in Germany and a marble ABC's with words to live by...I look at this every night before I go to be and love the thoughts they bring.
                My best friend Cindy who is my partner in crime in shopping, crafts and all time supporter, of course we love at things white...this is a Shop in Orlando, Art Angels that SueBee has a booth in
                                                     Vintage tools from my mom's stash
                             My dad in the middle, 1950's craddled by a shell I've had as a child from Daytona Beach
My grandmother's cream McCoy Vase that my mom had in her project room
                       Quilts from my mom...they were my grandmothers, made by her great grandmother
                                              Thanks mom for all you gave me, taught me and shared with me

I made them a kit of tools, parts and pictures for them to carry on our tradition.  This was so fulfilling and very much a memory journey.  I spent hours going thru cases, drawers and boxes of stuff.  Many tears later, I had 3 kits ready.  I could have kept everything but ended up selling quite a bit at the estate sale (so hard to do).

So, I will be using the pictures, jewelry and fun things I and my family have collected...
Have a wonderful week dear friends...
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