Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 26 Colds and Fall Decorating

Day 25 & Day 26
Taking care of each other is a gift of love.  All of us have colds with coughs and aches.  Last night was the worst and my dear family took care of me with herbs, teas and comfort.  Thankfully I feel better to day.  It may not be fun but fun is remembering how much they take care of me like I took care of them when they were little!
What is you favorite comfort food while you are sick...mine is chicken noodle soup, strawberry Popsicles and cinnamon toast with tea!
Thankfully I was able to finish the dining room yesterday is the outcome
I started my fall projects with Burlap and Paper and now am finishing up
I took the burlap feed sack from my location nursery, washed it (over and over), took out the seems with my scissors, quickly sewed the sides and bottom and top ( pulled the strings to get that frayed looked)
Then put on my table (easy peasy)

I started layering my table with a beautiful bread tray (made here in North Carolina), my Shabby Candlesticks, pumpkins, grouds and pinecones

Next, I add another touch of paper leaves around the mirror ( this carries the bookcase leaf banner from the living room)  go here

I  took my $5 silver tray, $1 silver sugar bowl and $5 pearl handle silverware and of course my rooster
                                       added my pumpkins I made out of burlap and a feed sack
                                           Nice look on the buffet, my yelloware bowls in the french tier rack
 My apple pie cross stitch is from my sister in law, she wanted to re-do it because of the yellowing/brown because of the way I love it (now that she is not here it reminds me of her everyday...she gave me many family items).

One last picture of the total picture, a small space but I added all my favorite elements

Have a great day,
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  1. Lovely! From the burlap runner to the tarnished silver! I'm loving it! I'm really loving that silver sugar bowl. One Dollar? What a find!

  2. Hi Di, what a gorgeous table centerpiece and buffet. Love your style and how you have things layered so beautifully, so glad you linked up to VIF!

  3. I Love your Table Scape, The Burlap runner is the Perfect base~

  4. It looks lovely! Good on you for Getting it Done.

  5. Oh, everything looks wonderful! I love the table and the leaves around yur picture look great! Thank you for sharing them with us at TTF and have a happy November 1st!

  6. Just dropping back by to let you know that I am featuring this post on this week's TTF party! I hope you will join us again and grab the "I was featured" button!


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