Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28 Family Pumpkin Contest

                   Day 28 Family Fun/ Living in the moment: Today we had pumpkin contests in our house
                                #1            Ro and Dad

 Mr. Potato Head goes Pirate Pumpkin

#2       Mommie
 Cool Stem

                           Craved a skeleton hand holding a muffin and added a stained glass effect with glitter
                                                 She added Glitter and Highlights to the stem

                                       #3        Mimi and Papa

                                                         Ro called her Lady Ga Ga

In the afternoon Ro & me went to the Halloween Fun Time and met up with Dad....Face Painting, no I didn't know I was getting my face painted but Ro picked out a butterfly for me!

                                                    Ga Ga and Potato Head got together

Good day all around since the work schedules were all over that place!!
Safe's raining here...may turn in to snow flurries...SNAIN (Ryism)

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