Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29 Halloween Card Making

Day 29 Halloween Card Making
Since I've had this cold I've been moving along in slow mo...we had all the craft stuff out for the pumpkins and just decided to go with the flow.
 I went thru my supplies in slow motion again and found 3 5x7 canvas boards and thought I'd make a card that the kids could keep and hang up in their rooms
We gathered glue, glitter, crystal effects from Stamp it up, scissors, ribbon and pictures that you like.  I picked out pictures from a lady in Georgia that I had ordered from years ago and one ME picture.

I applied glue on the cut out and placed on the board, then Mod Podge followed by Crystal effects and glitter
                                                                     For Ro


Flip board over and glue ribbon down to create hanger and then glue a picture to cover...done!!

Now ready to run to the mail box so they arrive on Time!! Linking Up with

Safe Travels, Di

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