Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31 Family Fun and Living in the Moment

Day 31 Family Fun and Living in the Moment
                                 As a new Blogger it was a challenge I didn't know if I wanted to do, but everyone in blog land is very helpful and inspiring.  I have a lot to learn but don't be all in life.  So as Day 1 started and Day 31 started I reflected on my family and my goal to live in the moment

                       When I retired from my job...I wondered how I would do in North Carolina
                                We packed all the boxes and loaded 3 pods, hubby did most of the pods.
                                                               We did it for family...
.                           I accomplished alot with my family during this 31 days and had a great time doing things I have wanted to do for a long time.
                                                   My last project for fall finished the last bookcase with paper banner leaves

                                                             Two of the boys ready for Treating
                                                                      We only had 2 visitors but they were cute
                                                                  All the candles were lit
                                                               The lights lead the way

                              So goodnight moon, goodnight bear, goodnight everyone


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