Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 7 Family Fun--Ghosty Times

Family Fun Day 7

Today both grandsons were over.  We made ghosts!

I took an old sheet and cut with my pinking sheers in various sizes.

Then took tennis balls, balls of fabric and balls of paper towels to form the head.

Pick up the frabic place the ball in the middle of the fabric and wrap around the ball tie with twine

With a sharpie if you want a face draw round eyes, round mouth or if you are like my group...make fun or scary face.  We even did a Harry Potter face for the little one.

Then I took the clear thread made a few stiches to hand them up.
The son in law got the big ladder out and hung them around the driveway

We put the spider web material up but it doesn't show up well


Real Spider as we are hanging up our webs.

Look what we found out in the yard.

We went to Goodwill and the 2010 costumes were there, brand new ($10 versus $30), the spider web $1, sheets and balls, twine free.  The smile on the little ones face priceless...
Day 7 Living in the moment...Treasure the time not the amount of money you spend.
Safe Travels, Di

A morning full of fun.

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