Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8 Family Fun and Living the Life I want

Day 8 Family Fun and Living the Life I want
Gardening in a new environment, making changes in the yard and in my self.
Sharing the changes over the summer to fall...we started with a charming cottage to rent while getting use to our new home city.  The changes is me are just as important as the yard.  A lot of pruning, replanting and nurturing.  I am able to rest and rejuvenate because of my family.  They have worked to help settle and spend plenty of time with us.  They have feed us great natural meals full of vegetables and family time.  Now we are lucky enough to have our oldest, her husband and little boy stay with us through the holidays.

It hasn't been easy for me to take a look at the past year.  Alot of changes, but well worth it.  So as the yard gets ready for the fall, so do I.  I look forward to the changes we made this summer showing progress to the next seasons, I welcome the change more now than ever.

 Hubby ready for work on the yard, it was very overgrown and weeds abundant.  We had beautiful pots to fill.  Thankfully the patio slate is beautiful and the layout perfect for some grilling.
I had to spend quite a bit of time digging out these herbs, they had embedded into the slate from the herb garden.

The daylillies were perfect as is!

The herb garden was a little over run but the lavender and rosemary are so beautiful.

The herb garden needed work but I put my rabbit in to spruce it up and guard it.

I replanted my favorite succulents in my concrete pot

I redid this cute area with blooming purple passion vine and ivy.  I also planted a pepper plant.

We added our vintage iron table and an umbrella for shade

We planted cucumbers and my helper watered every day

As the weather gets cooler we are eating outside and the greenery has shaped up with hubby's care.  We added red rockers for a pop of color.

A cute table and lights for the downstairs patio to enjoy the view

This has grown so pretty!

Bunny and Atti did a great job on the herb garden.

Wouldn't this beautiful tablecloth be great on my table!
And now we are ready for fall and cool dinners outside.  Now we will have to see about a fire pit!
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