Sunday, October 2, 2011

Family Fun Day 2 - Decorating Fun

Day 2       

I've never felt a pain that didn't bear a blessing.
            -Gene Knudson Hoffman

Moving to Asheville was very difficult because it marked leaving the area I grew up in, my parents home and our home.  My mom had recently passed away which was difficult.  But here it is October and blessings are abundant.  Our kids are all here with there families, we are healthy and I am accomplishing things that I have wanted to do for a long time.

Here in Asheville it is still chilly, so we will be doing some inside projects.  A trip to the local arts and some fun decorating to help our fall festival feeling.  The leaves are falling and the cool weather is here.  We are use to 90's and sweating, so this feels pretty good (I wonder if I will feel that way later in the year!).

 In Ro's room, Mommy, Daddy and Ro decorated skulls.
 Indian Corn for our wreaths
And...what happened here?
We put this up to see if Papa and Ro's momma see this when they come home.

We are leaf hunting this tomorrow.  Ry (Ro's daddy) went to  and printed up a booklet for Ro to look for leaf's. 


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