Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Fun Day 3

My Day 3 of Family Fun and being present in the Life I have

Accept who you are, say "This is who I am when no one's looking"; for each of us is a fledgling that eventually, if fed, will fly.
-Mark Nepo The Book of Awakening

Ro's First Day at New School

When we talked about going to a new school Ro said he was a little nervous.  I remember that feeling because we moved around when my dad was in the Army.  Ro says he is shy but he is such a caring little boy.  We took a friend out to lunch and the little guy showed her all his "friends" (toys) and sat right by her.  She is recovering from a major illness and this lifted her heart!  It is so good that he can voice his feelings, all of us should speak up and not hide away our emotions.

Doesn't look to happy modeling his aunties handmade hat.  But went to school and met a nice friend who lives down the street from us!  After the teacher introduced them the little boy said "I knew there would be someone name Rowan this year!".  Then had Ro sit by him.  I think his fears of finding a friend might be solved.  Now if all problems could go that way.

No these are not the leafs we collected but Our next burlap project! 

I had fibers all over the place and I still have 3 feed sacks left!  I am going to make a wreath with one.  I will share that project with you on Thursday and have a great link where I found it.

Much heartfelt wishes on this Monday morning,

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