Monday, November 28, 2011

Creating Time

 Creating Christmas at The Girl Creative      A fun week to get you in the creating mood

I have been in a frenzy getting my projects done.  I have been using my fabrics, gathered finds and my mom's watch and clock parts.  My daughters, grandsons and hubby have been helping.

I grew up playing in my Pops watch repair shop.  He had his shop ,downtown Orlando, in the front of the house.  He had the most fabulous workshop.  I would spend hours in his shop playing with the tools and jewelry.  I had my own drawer and would put "my" jewels in there.  I can still remember the ring I hid in there, I don't have that but do have a vintage wedding ring set he let me play with and too many watches!!  Or can you have to much...

Of course I had more than one drawer

Very similar to his workbench, I got this off Ebay and would love to bid if I had a place for it.

I made myself a little work tray for inspiration
These are secret surprises for my family...all made with my Pops and Mom's parts...I couldn't part with any of these, isn't that the way with all our collections!

 This one is for my hubby, the tray was at a church bizarre for $1, I couldn't pass up the curves and the tarnished patina

The Key is pointing 2 Always!  The clock face from my mom's collection, the key from his sisters estate.

The St. Christopher's Medal I gave him when we were dating, inscription is still there.
 The pins from his fathers work.
2 are for my son-in laws and one is for me.

To me this symbolizes my mom, she loved silver and clocks.

It has been raining here and will drop to the teens, possible ice and snow.  Oh boy, I do have to go out Wednesday and hope I remember how to drive in ice.  Sure different than Florida but loving the family time.  Have fun crafting, I am going to be working on linen and burlap bags next!!


somewhat simple

Sunday, November 27, 2011



                                                    A joyful announcement at the end......

Another Santa from Granny @ Cranberry corners, sitting in my great grans, "Big Momma", bench.
         Our stockings, a surprise from my mom, made by Betty a loving friend from their Army days.
         My favorite Santa, from Nan, my sister-in-laws grandmother.  It's from the Carolina's 1980's
                            My yearly Santa's from Cranberry Corners (the tins are from there too!)
                                                                  Judy Eilers handmade Santa
Love Blue and White and added the old calendar from our family (hubby's or mine??, we both claim it), loving The Vintage Fairy graphics on my platter.  Adding the blue and vintage items adds to it's charm.

Ro peaking a Santa.  He went to the store yesterday and we took pictures of what he wished for.  He only picked 5 items.  The rest he said would be surprises.  We came home and wrote his letter and mailed it to Santa.  The pictures will go to family to see what he gets.

Of Course, my clocks, I added a cucko-clock from my moms ornaments.  Handmade Santa by my long time friend Norma.
White Ironstone collected with my best friend Cindy.  The Angels I bought in Mount Dora and made beautiful presents with a small cloche and tags.  This time I saved one for myself.

Ornaments from my Mother-in-Law, Rita.  My daughters favorite, they have broken over the years but we love them.

                                                     I bought this the Christmas my dear friend Teri was
preparing to sing in Heavens Choir.  As I sat by her bedside she share a poem, it broke my heart because she was telling me next Christmas she would be by us in spirit but not to weep.  Support the Breast and Ovarian Cancer Funds.

So many memories as we go through our holiday decorating, cooking and shopping.  A hug to all of you as you go through the memories...I shed a few tears as I decorated and wrote this post.

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                                                              Blessings Dear Friends,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday


I felt a stuffed as the Publix salt and pepper shakers!

Black Friday is a day that I stay home and get out the Christmas Decorations.  It's not that I don't love to shop but my husband works Black Friday and I just don't like the way that the stores have competed for business by opening up at midnight.  Am I the only one that thinks that is wacky?  My poor hubby had to watch the turkey eating (too many triptiphans), and we had to leave early so he could take a nap.  11:30 pm on Thanksgiving to 7pm Black Friday, is way to ridiculous for a work schedule.  But, I appreciate the customers that do come out so he can make some sales to make it worth while.

Now, on to what we did Friday while the man was working... Getting the Christmas Tree!!  Eating!!  Watching Football!!  Decorating the tree!! 
The Day was beautiful, chilly enough for a sweater
but warm in the sun

I pulled out all the boxes I could get to from storage and am pleased what I brought to the house.  I found our stockings, favorite ornaments and displays.  The only thing I didn't bring was the stand and lights.

We went to a small tree farm up and around the mountain from my daughters house.  We went there the first year my youngest grandchild was born.  Same charming place but this year the owner had hurt his shoulder.  So the guys had to saw the trees down...part of the fun!

Great sights at the Tree Farm

The barn

We ended up with 2 beautiful trees and put them in the truck to go off to home.
Two different trees!

The woods on the way out!
Meanwhile at our house we struggled with the tree, my sunroom floors slat and the tree stand and tree would not cooperate.  After 3 major adjustments all good.  The lights were another matter.  I strung them wrong and the plug ended up at the top of the tree.  KiKi helped me and they were restrung.  We then hung all our favorite ornaments explaining to Ro where they came from.  He said he was having fun.

I hope your Friday was fun whatever you did and you continue your holiday traditions.

Safe Travels,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Girly Gifts for my sweet Girls

Projects for my girls

Each year I try to do something special for my girls (now in their thirties).  This year I took vintage finds from my mom's estate.
This sewing basket was something my oldest needs, she wants to learn to sew and doesn't have any sewing tools.

                                      Beautiful pleated satin inside and some vintage sewing tools

                           I then took a pocket watch style locket and sanded it, destressed it
and add a vintage watch part, the ribbon is vintage french!
 Inside I added pieces of an old french music sheet and pictures from a family trip.
 I made the Santa Claus tray from a downloaded picture from The Graphic Fairy, mod podged it on my tray added the vintage buttons, scrabble tiles, keys and ribbion.
   The sweet picture is the girls in the 80's!

                                                                         My next gift was working on a box filled with organic paper for my other daughter.  I took vintage postcards from Florida, watch and buttons.  Again modge podged the postcards after gluing them on.  I then added the buttons and watch with hot glue gun.

Next project working on the boys gifts.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving,
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