Monday, November 21, 2011

Being Grateful and Thankful

Being Grateful and Thankful

 I am ever so grateful for my family, the past year has been challenging. 
My mom passed away, my husband went thru surgery for prostate cancer and we dealt with reducing our house and having a big estate sale.

 My very best friend moved to California to live with her daughter due to a very stressful life change. 

Again, my saving grace was my family.
  My girls were so supportive, my brother and sister in law were always checking on me and hubby. 
My hubby always my rock was positive and never waiving in faith.  , we were blessed, he had severe chest pain due to stress after my mom's death and was admitted to the hospital by 911.  They found it was acute inflammation of his pancreas and gallbladder.  He didn't have surgery but was seen by a surgeon.  On followup the surgeon referred him to a urologist because he had a spot on his kidney.  Long story short, PSA normal and only symptom was a small amt of blood in his urine.  His surgeon saved his life by referring him to the urologist, the cancer was advanced but contained and the urologist was able to do robotic surgery and got it all.  Now a year latter hubby has a clean bill of health.

We have sold our house, moved closer to family.  We get to see our grandsons all the time and my brother's family is one hour away. 

We have been challenged along the way more than I want to reflect on, but we are together.  We are healthy.  We are joyful.  I have learned to be calm, trusting and knowing.  I know HE has guided me and I have learned to trust Him.  It hasn't been easy, I have failed more times in my faith questioning but
 I know HE is always there for me. 

I am very Thankful this Thanksgiving for my friends and family.  We left some dear friends in Orlando and they were very supportive during all these challenges I miss them and know they are happy for me.
May your holidays be filled with joy, family, friends and happiness.

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  1. Di...Thank you so much for linking up at my blog. I am very grateful for you. This is a wonderful post. I am so happy for you to be closer to your family. Family is so very important. Blessings to you my fiend.

  2. That's beautiful! I featured you on my FB page! Thank you for linking up!

    Becky B.
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