Monday, November 28, 2011

Creating Time

 Creating Christmas at The Girl Creative      A fun week to get you in the creating mood

I have been in a frenzy getting my projects done.  I have been using my fabrics, gathered finds and my mom's watch and clock parts.  My daughters, grandsons and hubby have been helping.

I grew up playing in my Pops watch repair shop.  He had his shop ,downtown Orlando, in the front of the house.  He had the most fabulous workshop.  I would spend hours in his shop playing with the tools and jewelry.  I had my own drawer and would put "my" jewels in there.  I can still remember the ring I hid in there, I don't have that but do have a vintage wedding ring set he let me play with and too many watches!!  Or can you have to much...

Of course I had more than one drawer

Very similar to his workbench, I got this off Ebay and would love to bid if I had a place for it.

I made myself a little work tray for inspiration
These are secret surprises for my family...all made with my Pops and Mom's parts...I couldn't part with any of these, isn't that the way with all our collections!

 This one is for my hubby, the tray was at a church bizarre for $1, I couldn't pass up the curves and the tarnished patina

The Key is pointing 2 Always!  The clock face from my mom's collection, the key from his sisters estate.

The St. Christopher's Medal I gave him when we were dating, inscription is still there.
 The pins from his fathers work.
2 are for my son-in laws and one is for me.

To me this symbolizes my mom, she loved silver and clocks.

It has been raining here and will drop to the teens, possible ice and snow.  Oh boy, I do have to go out Wednesday and hope I remember how to drive in ice.  Sure different than Florida but loving the family time.  Have fun crafting, I am going to be working on linen and burlap bags next!!


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  1. Wow Di! I love these trays you have done. I have so many because I love how they look but don't know what to do with them. You have given me some ideas! Where was your Dad's shop downtown Orlando? My Dad had a construction company in the Rutland building downtown...we use to go there to watch the Christmas parade out the window.....

  2. These are amazing!! What great keepsakes! I am a new follower.
    Donna G.

  3. These are spectacular! I love them.

    Visiting from Nifty Thrifty Tuesday.

  4. I love your altered trays and use of these personal clock parts and other items!
    Very creative,artistic and meaningful!

  5. What a wonderful post!!!
    LOVE that tray for your husband!!!
    And great how you have all those treasures from family to use. Makes them even more special.

    barbara jean

  6. These trays are amazing. What a great idea.

  7. I'm totally in love with these. what a wonderful idea, and so personal! Have to share these on VIF this week! thanks so much for linking up! xo


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