Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday


I felt a stuffed as the Publix salt and pepper shakers!

Black Friday is a day that I stay home and get out the Christmas Decorations.  It's not that I don't love to shop but my husband works Black Friday and I just don't like the way that the stores have competed for business by opening up at midnight.  Am I the only one that thinks that is wacky?  My poor hubby had to watch the turkey eating (too many triptiphans), and we had to leave early so he could take a nap.  11:30 pm on Thanksgiving to 7pm Black Friday, is way to ridiculous for a work schedule.  But, I appreciate the customers that do come out so he can make some sales to make it worth while.

Now, on to what we did Friday while the man was working... Getting the Christmas Tree!!  Eating!!  Watching Football!!  Decorating the tree!! 
The Day was beautiful, chilly enough for a sweater
but warm in the sun

I pulled out all the boxes I could get to from storage and am pleased what I brought to the house.  I found our stockings, favorite ornaments and displays.  The only thing I didn't bring was the stand and lights.

We went to a small tree farm up and around the mountain from my daughters house.  We went there the first year my youngest grandchild was born.  Same charming place but this year the owner had hurt his shoulder.  So the guys had to saw the trees down...part of the fun!

Great sights at the Tree Farm

The barn

We ended up with 2 beautiful trees and put them in the truck to go off to home.
Two different trees!

The woods on the way out!
Meanwhile at our house we struggled with the tree, my sunroom floors slat and the tree stand and tree would not cooperate.  After 3 major adjustments all good.  The lights were another matter.  I strung them wrong and the plug ended up at the top of the tree.  KiKi helped me and they were restrung.  We then hung all our favorite ornaments explaining to Ro where they came from.  He said he was having fun.

I hope your Friday was fun whatever you did and you continue your holiday traditions.

Safe Travels,

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