Monday, November 7, 2011

Moday's Moments

Monday's Moments 
My moment this weekend and today was learning new skills.  I usually learn by doing so following a learning tool and then completing the task I found I didn't get it right.  After some tutorial refresher and talking to a support person I got it right.
That is one thing about learning new things, unless it is life or death you can usually fix it!  Thank goodness for support people.

One of my other moments this weekend was remembering I have my mom's Indian Tree Dishes and Cranberry dishes I should get out of storage for the holidays!!
My Mom's Indian Tree Dishes

Time to start thinking about the Holdiay table settings
                                                                     Organize my recipies
                                                              Gather all my dishes
                                                                          And organize myself

So Happy Monday and let's get going for the week and have a great one,
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  1. Those dishes are
    fabulous and everything
    looks SO cozy! Love
    those organizing moments,
    don't you? I hope the rest
    of your week is just as
    wonderful.....Thank you
    for keeping me company
    at the water cooler for
    Monday Moments, Di!

    xx Suzanne

  2. Love these dishes ! You will creat a gorgeous table and atmosphere for the Holidays ! Have a nice week!


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