Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year and may you have all your wishes come true

Have a blessed New Year...We had a very blessed 2011 when we moved closer to our family and found out that my husband was cancer free...every thing else was icing on the cupcake!!
Here are my favorite things for 2011
Our move to North Carolina

My Sweetie
Sweet memories of Home
My memories of mom

 My favorite places...Ireland and Pawleys Island SC

My favorite project done with my bestest friend...we
plastered our china and florida shells on my old dry sink

My 2 favorite Uncle Bob and Dad

May Angels watch over you

                                                                 May the Lord Bless You
                                                                   Dance when you get the chance
                                                                 Pray for others
                                                              Gather with your friends
                                                                      Shine your light on others
                                                  Keep the spirit of Christmas all year long
                                                                   And Shine your light
                                                                        Happy New Year,
Inspiration Friday @ Common Ground
White Wednesday @ Faded Charm
My Romantic Home


  1. I love the dry sink! Beautiful! Hey!!! I'm from NC. Feels like spring instead of winter but its gonna get frigid here next week!!!
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  2. Thank you for adding your lovely blog to the list and for participating in the Thursday Favorite Things hop too. xo P.S> following you now :-)

  3. So many precious things filled with memories. My twin sister lives in North Carolina. Happy New year

  4. Those are nice photos. I love them. And let me wish you to have a great and blessed new year as well. May you find happiness and joy in everything you do. I find some of cute messages for new year here. i hope they will inspire you too.

    Cheers and happy new year!

  5. Thanks for the new year wish. Here's for you:
    New year comes again and again
    To spread the spirit and celebration
    Have a wonderful New Year party
    And Happy New Year with joy and peace.
    My warmest and most heartfelt New Year wishes to you and to all.


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