Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas Mantel

                                                                My Christmas Mantel

man·tel also man·tle  (mntl)
1. An ornamental facing around a fireplace. Also called regionally mantelpiece.
2. The protruding shelf over a fireplace. Also called mantelpiece, mantelshelf; also called regionally fireboard.
Usually you would have a fireplace but we don't have one in our cottage.  We did have a fireplace but during this cottages reno they took it out to add the master bedroom and bath.  Gosh, I wish they would have kept it...we could use it.
So what is a girl to do.  I took the literal definition on #2, mantel shelf, the protruding shelf over "a fireplace".  Okay, I have a protruding shelf over my buffet...it will work.

                             Peace My Dear Friends, Di
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  1. Love it! Beautifully done. Following you my friend. Diane

  2. protruding shelf over a buffet. i think that works. heck, i merely use a hall table...really, i use any and all flat expanses that i can find, lol!

  3. I love the eclectic mix, and all the things in your "Cottage Wishes" assemblage. I should probably follow you then, right? Glad to find you through White Wednesday. :)

  4. No fireplace, no matter - your mantle looks gorgeous ! I'm not a minimalist either !!!
    Hoping you'll follow me back to justpaintitwhite.blogspot.com


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