Monday, December 5, 2011

Tutorial for Making Time

It's Time for Silver

Supplies:  Glue Gun, Trays, Distressing Kit, Paint, Found Objects, Imagination, Friend
  • First Gather your Silver Trays, I've been collecting them over the Fall at garage sales and was lucky to find a good assortment.
  • Then,  Bring your found items in.  I used buttons, clock faces, watch parts, handles, knobs, get the idea.  I collected parts from my mom and grandfathers watch and clock repair parts.  Lots of  pieces and parts that we were hoarding!

  • Next glue, I used a glue gun and then a heavy duty glue for my heavier pieces
  • Gather your friend(s).  I had my daughter KiKi.  She has an eye for design
  • Design...With the trays on the table we came up with our designs, some came quickly, while others just needed more tweaking.
  • Share a memory.  We talked about nothing and everything...a fun day and we completed presents for all the men in the family. 
  • I get a tray, clean it and place my assortment of gathered finds
I glue the back of the piece in place, if  you place it in the wrong place you can peal it up and start over!
Since my brother works on cars I had to look for car related items and found this get odometer!
I tied a Santa ornament on my brothers present, every year I try to find a Santa face ornament like the one he had but lost in our house fire.  Still haven't found it but always look!

For Ry

My Hubbies has objects from his dad, my moms clock works and a medal I gave him when we were dating.  Of course, a key to my heart.

Our Time for Silver

  Hope Your Holiday Gift Making was a memorable as ours!!  Linking with some great ladies...


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