Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Favorite Project

I am joining the Linky Party at the Fine Craft Build with my favorite project.  At the beginning of the year I posted this post about my sunroom redo and Anne Sloan Paint first project.  The Fine Craft Guild is having the linky to showcase your favorite projects and review the others posted.
Fine Craft Guild

Please join me and check these out...  I did decide to add some new pictures to this post.

Tackling my Daunting Projects...what a way to start the new year!  My Inspiration piece

It has all my favorite colors, Blue and Cream (for St. Patricks Day I will tell you my Ireland story of my daughters wedding).
First, rearrange the sunroom to allow better seating and a space where I can walk without bumping into everything!

Nice but awkward
 Second, the secretary and table need to be brought into 2012.  They were bought separately but had the same yellow paint technique.  Time for my first Anne Sloan Chalk Paint experience.

 Third, while doing all this I am taking an E-series Art class.  Can we say overdoer.
Fourth I am trying to get an article together.
Fifth, yes, there is a fifth...get a job, I have been actively looking since we moved.  I retired from my previous one but do need to find a job here.
So the process and results

  #1 Room Redo...I will show at the end!!

#2 Anne Sloan Chalk Paint Table and Secretary Redo...here my fun started
I had a few repairs to do but no sanding, no priming and off I go!

Disassembled and applied a coat of Old White on the entire piece

I took off the glass door, drop down and slid out the cubbies.  I decided to just swipe at the cubbies to give it a used look.

First coat on and drying

 I had to keep the hardware on the drop down, couldn't find how to take them off...carefully I got it done and put a coat of Louis Blue on the drawers

Assembled everything, love the little drawer!  Then my dreaded waxing, the clear wax to me was not a problem.  I waxed and then worried with the dark wax.  I didn't want it to heavy, so I dipped my brush in the dark and went for it!  Oh no too much, no worries, the clear erased it.  Next I took a smaller brush and took it off the brush and hit the cervices.  Once some was off I took the big brush and hit the areas were it would appear worn.

I painted the inside shelfs with 2 coats of Louis Blue to showcase my treasures.

 #3 Jeanne Oliver Art Class, now, I know this is long and wordy, needless to say.  A lot to do but I was able to complete week 1 and 2 , working on week 3 now and making a Santos Cage Doll is coming up!!  I am trying new techniques and freeing up my creativity.  I am a little messy, but hey creating!

#4 Writing, it has been my thing to do when I am happy, sad or stressed.  I have journaled since I was in high school and my style has changed over the years.  But now I want to share on a bigger level.  I will need to grow my skills in photography and that will come.  But I have a start, I submitted a piece and have been asked to submit some more work.  I am tickled at just getting that notice.    Yea, I submitted my pictures and article and am waiting to see if they will be featured

#5 Job, you know when you put goals out there the energy doesn't just stay down.  I finally got a call from a place I put in an application in November.  The phone interview went well and I have an upcoming team interview February 6th.  Please keep good thoughts coming my way!!

After this post I was blessed with another call for a physician practice.  I am so tickled to say I have accepted this position.  Even though the other job interview with the team went well, my heart said to that the practice job.  I have been there 2 days and feel like I am in the right place!

Thank you for hosting this challenge, I set some hefty goals but it was the push I needed.  My daughters tell me I have cleared a path for the job!!

#1 The room re-do 

 A cozy reading spot with some of my favorites things around me, each piece has a story.  I had many fun adventures with family and friends getting these treasures.  But most of all my treasures are my dear ones.
Thanks friends for getting us going into the new year by tackling our daunting projects.  The impossible is possible!
So here we are February with March coming in strong.  Thank You friends in Blogland for your wonderful challenges and support.  You have got me through the last 7 months of nonemployment with wonderful ideas to get me going in my blog.
Much love, Di

“I really don't think life is about the I-could-have-beens. Life is only about the I-tried-to-do. I don't mind the failure but I can't imagine that I'd forgive myself if I didn't try.”Nikki Giovanni

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Monday, January 30, 2012

First Project of The Year

With our big move to North Carolina we downsized a lot.   We were moving to an Asheville Bungalow.   But, we still had more than enough to bring with us and put in storage!  We did have to put quite a bit in the sunroom.
This is not my stuff, but this is what I delt with during the estate sale of my mom's and our stuff!
  The sunroom is at the front of the house and is long and narrow.   I needed to create a better space.  It is beautiful to sit out here and view the mountains, so I want to capture a good space.

How many bruises do I have from navigating this?

My challenge has been to create a sitting area and be able to move in this small space.  So my first project of the year was a big one.  First, we rearranged the furniture to place a sitting area closer to the living room.  When guests come they can be part of the group.  I had to move the buffet to the end of the room to allow space!
So here we go:
Step #1 Rearranging the room went smoothly...well, we did break 2 of my new purchases.  My ironstone casserole and yellowstone bowl, ouch.  I will reveal at the end the new look.
Step #2 Here is where it gets fun...Anne Sloan Chalk paint
The table was painted with Old White all over and then 1 coat of Louis Blue on the apron and top.  I distressed the table making sure to sand the raised flowers on the table so the white would show thru.  Then clear wax.

Step #3 Next, the secretary...oh goodness a large piece.  This was overwhelming in my mind but once I started   I was in love. I did some repair work on the side top.  Quick glue and I was done

 Loving this process since I didn't need to prime, just took out the drawers, took off the door and applied Old White.  One coat on the drawers, two coats on the base.

Next, I applied the Louis blue to the drawers. 

 On to waxing... I think this was the step I was dreading because in my head I knew what I wanted but didn't know if I could get to where the image was.
I am happy with the results!

I distressed, applied the clear wax and followed with the dark wax. 

 I waited and buffed 2 times and then couldn't wait to put my stuff in.  I did change it up a bit.

I painted my little drawer blue also!!

I also decided to add some dark wax to my table!

Here is the new room design allowing for the room to flow into the living room and gives me a nice reading/office space

As you enter the "Front Door" it leads into the sunroom

Shelf on wall across from the above piece, there is a beautiful sitting chair beneath from my great grandmother.

Looking down the sunroom you can see I have a clear path!  Great sitting area for morning coffee and extra seating when guests come over.

My wonderful sitting area

 The buffet fit perfectly here and now the music center fits below.