Tuesday, January 3, 2012



I was stir crazy and needed to escape for some MiMi time.  I had been watching the grandboys and both have been sick.  I knew the medicine that would work for me~ antiquing.  I was wandering around 2 Antique shops and found beautiful inspiration in white.  My inspiration piece to work off was this gorgeous tag by  Rhonda @ http://alittlebitfrench.blogspot.com/.

She looks very beautiful on my blass bottle by my madonna ... So off I went in search of pretties, I found a great candle holder from Finland...

                        Candle is crooked because the floors slant forward!  It wasn't my hand...

Next find is this sweet jewlry holder

              I found a vintage clock that doesn't work and love this face, I've got great plans for the case

These beautiful Madonna's just reminded me of my French blogging friends, so they came home with me. 
                                               I have a great collection of my families rosaries and medals which I cherish and place on my dresser.  The Merry Christmas Perfume Bottle is From France, My Grandpops gave it to my Nana.

So I went about placing the Madonna's around the rooms and they ended up in the front room
I added the cross and paper medals
                                                     And placed them on my wicker table
                                                                    In my secretary
                                                     Mixed with my Blue and White
                                               I love collections and this is just a few of my treasures. 
                                                        I will showcase my others throughtout the year.
               This is what I woke up to this morning...snow and in the teens, minus 1 with the wind chill!!    

So glad I got my Mimi time yesterday...now I have my new slipppers on with my warm socks, cozy pants and thick sweater...ahh.   I am like my niece's kitten all snuggy up~~  Di  Sharing with some wonderful ladies   Collections at http://thepolohouse.blogspot.com/


  1. We all need our "me" time to refresh, to put a little 'umpf' in our step!! Glad you were able to get it in before the cooooold weather hit y'all!!

  2. I found your blog recently and realize we have many of the same passions! Because I love so much of what you do I'm awarding you the Liebster blog award. You deserve it!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your lovely white and ivory beauties! I especially love the first piece hanging on your tree, What a find!

    Hope you stay feeling well. No fun to catch your anyone else's illness in the winter time!

    Thanks again for linking up. Hope you will come back again next month to share another one of your favorites!? Hope so!


  4. Now where does Mimi put this beautiful and delicate stuff with little boys around? Stopping by from Katherine's Corner.

  5. Everything looks so beautiful! Love your shells...and that coral! WOW! Be still my heart! ♥

  6. I love, love ,love the perfume bottle and although you might be freezing, the snow looks beautiful! Mid to high 80's in Los Angeles again today.

  7. Just wanted to say thank you again for your support and excitement about the magazine! I am just so touched by everyone's reaction. Happy New Year to you!
    the Parisienne Farmgirl's Giveaway Fantastique
    Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine

  8. I love that you share the hop on your page :-) All of those beautiful Madonna's what a great find.Thank you for linking up and for your bloggy friendship. Hugs!


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