Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fun for under $10

I was restless today, my job search isn't getting anywhere and I just didn't want to work on projects today.  It is chilly here but sunny and the day was calling me to go out.  So I headed towards Biltmore Village area and visited the Thrift shop and an Antique Area with 5 different shops.  I really wasn't buying but did find some great things if I was!!  Maybe later but here are some lovely pictures.

                                                         To me this column and draped fur looked like angel wings
                                                      More beautiful columns these were 180 a piece
                                                  This glorious piece is rare and expensive
                                                         Loved the chair, table and Honey Bee sign
                                                            Elegant bedroom set in creamy white
                                                       Metal Starfish
                                                                Metal piece
                                                               Lovely picture with fur
                                                                I even did try some furs on
                                  Great library drawers, they were deep to hold all our treasures
                                         The outside of the store was cute Nostalique Antiques
                                                        Metal flowers, Daisys my favs
        A sweet princess picture I found at the thrift store for $7, I had to have it, it reminds me of the dreamer in all of us
This pitcher was $1

These curtain holders $1.  In all a fun trip.  Now tomorrow we shall see what trouble I'll be in!  My hubby is off (Thursday, Friday is his weekend) so we may just travel about.
until then Safe Travel, Di

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  1. One of my favorite things ever is thrift/antique shopping...and it doesn't matter if I'm just looking or really shopping! Love the Honey Bee sign! Wish I could have been there! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  2. As you know I love junkin'! You found some lovely items! Yes, the pic show the dreamer is all of us! Have a good time traveling about with the hubs!!

  3. This store looks great. I don't see anything I don't like in your pictures. I want it all. But you did real good with that princess picture, I would have snatched that up in a minute.
    Have a great Thursday,

  4. How lovely! It's been fun shopping with you! Thanks for taking us along! And thank you for your lovely comment! I hope you'll share your table makeover with us!
    Best wishes and Blessings,

  5. Hi Di!
    Wow that was one fabulous thriftin' antiquin' trip! I have a set of columns like those you shared so I hope they get the $180 ea for them! *winks* I also have the same Hamilton Beach shake machine shown with the library drawers. That lamb relief is amazing! And so is your little princess picture! (What a steal!).......Oh and that tufted bed!! Sooooo dreamy!
    Anyhoo I'm lovin' your style too.....Vanna/your newest follower

  6. I wish we had thrift shops like that. What s great way to spend some time. Thank you for joining in the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Big Hugs!

  7. HI Di!

    Thanks for visiting Chic Provence (come join us on the tour!)... and for putting my button on your wonderful blog...I'm now a follower, and would have definitely gone with you browsing these fabulous antiques shops near you!!

    One of my dear friends lives in NC; I have to visit one day..

    a bientôt!


  8. That really is a LOT of fun for a little money! I've been to those stores...great stuff! ♥

  9. it is fun to go shopping on our site! I could look at the details of the picture for a very long time.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!


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