Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Valentine Mantel

Since the bungalow we are renting had the fireplace removed and bookcases in the living room, I am using them for my mantel.  We have a small space but it is so cute!  I have to believe that we are in the right place because all the events that led to us to move here happened with concise timing.  We are with family, healthy and happy.  We still have challenges, bills and worries but we take one day at a time and cling on to each other.  Our oldest daughter and family are living with us so I try to make the holidays fun!  My nieces and other grandson find the newest arrangements on my "mantel".  So have a look...


                                         BOOKCASE "MANTEL" 1
                                                      BOOKCASE "MANTEL" 2
                                                         BOOKCASE "MANTEL" 3

Have A Very Great Week, Di



52 Mantels


  1. Pretty!
    I love your blue bird! It's adorable !!

    Be sure and visit my link up !!

  2. I can tell you love your bookshelves ...

    be mine!!

    thanks for linking

  3. Hey Di, looks great! BTW i've given you a Liebster award, don't know if you've gotten one yet! check it out here!

  4. Wow, so many pretty things to admire! I think my favorite are the valentine letters, the sweet blue bird and the clock collection!! And, I love that you're mantel-ing it up even without a mantel!! :)

  5. Great idea to make the bookshelves your mantel. Love the vintage clocks.

  6. Its so pretty! I love the subtle Valentines message without all the reds etc..
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  7. Look at your pretty seashells and starfish. It looks even prettier with a few hearts in the mix! I need to do a little more around here! ♥


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