Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year and A New Magazine

It's From France you know....

My best friend and I love all things French.  We have our favorite cabinets from our shop in Florida that we made sure made the trip to our new homes, California and North Carolina.  Cindy had a major lifestyle change and had to downsize severely.  Trying to fit her 3 bedroom house into a 1 bedroom apartment and then moving to California with her lovely daughter.  Her family and I fought over which ones to keep and which ones to sell.  In the end her daughter in town took one, I got a corner cabinet and she took 2 with her.  Oh, the things she took are fabulous, but I will let her share that!  (Cindy it's the New Year, time to start your blog.).

On to my fabulous French cabinets and accessories.  Every time Vicky gets a container from France we would be excited and say...oh it's from France!!
My cabinet made from French window, Oui, Oui

The shelf with the sweet drawer, Oh so lovely

Now it's time to go to the news

So When I saw the post on the new Magazine coming out, I subscribed.  It will be filled with inspiration and wonderful writings.    Oh, and did I say they have a giveaway, no...well they do 
Over $200 in Parisienne Farmgirl inspired goodies!

Here's what's in the Giveaway Fantastique!

A gorgeous rosette broach made by Mandy at A-la-Parisienne!  
This LARGE gorgeous cookbook "Romancing the Home" by Chicago favorite Susan Hawthorne - prepare to be inspired!
A bottle of 25 year old Balsamic Vinegar
Fifi's best seller Romantic Prairie Style
A coveted copy of Jeanne d'Arc Magazine from City Farmer!
Gorgeous chandelier crystal earrings - soooo very Marie Antoinette!
Organically grown spearmint leaves and two antique Royalty Souvenirs
Any way (watching to much Phineas and Ferb cartoons with the Ro)....
I hope you will jump over and see the post!!
Happy New Year...Happy New Magazine Parisienne Farm Girl
Keeping It Simple



  1. Happy New Year Di!
    What a cabinet you have there! It's quite stunning!
    Hope you have a blessed day with family and friends
    hugs from here

  2. Oh wow, I love all your pretties!!!! And I love French-inspired treasures too!!!
    Happy New Year, Di!!!


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