Saturday, February 11, 2012

25 Random Things

I am joining Shauna @ PerfectImperfect blog, please join us and take time to share and remember to share with me too so I can get to know you all!
25 Random Things
1.        I am blessed to be living near to my daughters.
2.       I would like to learn to crochet and make beautiful items, not just scarfs.
3.       A charming cottage is my vision of a house in the city, just finding the right one is the challenge.
4.       Of course, my dream of a sweet farm in the surrounding area would be just perfect.  How about a Lavender Farm paired with an Organic Garden?
5.       I would love many grandkids; they are the sweetest angels and say the coolest things.
6.       An opportunity to work and give my knowledge from my medical background to do volunteer work in the community
7.       Gardens filled with arbors
8.       A workspace filled with windows, sun and decorated with all my favorite fabrics
9.       Trying to learn yoga, if I can just get to the class
10.   Taking time to create
11.   I want to take a photography class
12.   Moving and packing my stuff up again just the thought tires me, but need a larger space
13.   Stepping back to look at what I want my future job to look like, consultant or practice
14.   Finishing a healthy cleanse and diet for 2 weeks and finding that I can eat a vegan/gluten free and meatless diet.
15.   Writing thoughts for an article is not as easy as I thought!
16.   I am stronger than I thought
17.   Finding out that only me holds myself back
18.   Learning new skills stresses me out but completing them is so rewarding, why do I stress?!
19.   I want to plan a fun trip for next year, France in the county and Italy!  A girl can dream.
20.   I did realize a dream…going to Ireland and planning my daughter’s wedding there.
21.   The love of my life is healthy but I still worry, after 37 he years "still the one I dream of"
22.   It’s snowing here and I forgot how cold it can be.
23.   Next cottage has to have a fireplace and a garage
24.   I love my car but she does not love this cold weather, Betsy can you make it another year!
25.   I want to make my blog prettier!


  1. I loved reading your 1-25. You are a COOL person! And I think your blog IS pretty. Have a great Sunday!
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  2. An organic farm with lavender sounds wonderful, Di! As does the trip to France and Italy. :)

    Really enjoyed reading your 25,


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