Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Continued Creativity Journey

 I am making a Santos Doll instructed by Jen Rizzo in Jeanne Oliver's on line class.  I'm going to move forward, I promise!

I remember now how much I loved drawing in high school.  I have always journaled and have now learned some new techniques to make them beautiful.  The 4 week class is over but we have until the end of March to rewatch and do the projects.  I think I will start over and repeat my favorites!

 This is my sketch of me as a little girl at Easter time, my mom always pin curled my hair and dressed me so pretty.  I loved my purse, hat, gloves and black shoes.  Of course the dress always had cremlins!

 I haven't put the words on yet but it is titled LETTING GO.  My mantra this past year has been "Let go, Let GOD", everytime I stressed or things went wrong, I would repeat this.  We all have things we don't let go of, don't we?

 From France, the dealer has a home there, I tried not to hate her so I bought this!!  Can't you see this holding test tubes of flowers

 An old sterilizer, thankful we didn't use this in our office

 A wire mannequin

Don't I wish this was in my house, the whole thing, it is so my style.

 La Mannequin
 La femme, I still am looking for the words to put on her

 My little grandsons who are the best of friends

I hope your week is going great, much love, Di
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  1. I love all of it! Love that house too! Yellow (walls) and gray (the sideboard thingy) is sooooo pretty to me.

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  3. Very nice - I have to do some of that collaging type artwork. I think it really aids you in determining what your passions are. Anything that helps to reconnect to your childhood also - that helps fuel the crative fires.

    I did some posting on some of the same sites that you did - please check my post out! Thanks...Linda

  4. I love old things also. (its a good thing because my hubby says he's there, Lol)
    I just found you on the linky followers blog hop and now I am looking forward to following you:) Please hop over and check out my blog and follow back.

    My Turn (for us)

    Thanks, I enjoyed the visit!

  5. Adore your artwork! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday! I am linky following and hope you will too!

  6. You are very talented! I am now following you please follow me. I found you on the linky follower party!

  7. let go let God has been my saying too this past i have your mental image to remember it!!
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  10. How fun to make your own santos. Love your paintings


  11. what a soulful images. love m...

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    Have a happy, creative day!

  12. Hi Di
    this is beautiful! I love your 'letting go' image. Thanks for stopping by at my blog, i am following you back


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