Friday, February 10, 2012

My Creative Space

My creative space has changed these last 4 months.  Since my daughter, son-in-law and grandson have moved in I have given my craft/office room to them.  The little one is in the guest room and I think we should call it the toy room!  So I've had to move all my crafting supplies to my sunroom, dining room and basically anywhere I can put them.  That does lead me to seaching so I have to be very organized or very messy.  Usually it is the messy!

This is my creative thinking and sorting space.

All my magazines and decorating books are right by my side

This is my work area with about every pen, paint and glues I have working on my recent projects.  Yes, the dining room table. 

I love it because I can really spread out.

My glass jars are filled with bits and pieces

My stamps and punches are stored in this great storage, it's for toys but I got it at a gargae sale for a few dollars.

I have these traincases for my ribbons and small fabrics 2 big suitcases 
 This is what I dream about for this summer when the kids get their place

A work station will map drawers!  The top filled with my jars so I can see my supplies

A big table to spread out on!

A comfy sitting area
Oh and lots of drawers with labels.

Until then I love having my family all around and will continue to create where ever I can!

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  1. I think we've all used our dining table for many other uses than eating! Enjoy your time with the family!!


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