Sunday, February 12, 2012

Which way are you following: Goggle or Linky

Starting March 1st Follow Me on Goggle is going away for non-goggle followers/blogs.  Thankfully the blogging world is on it and several of our fellow bloggers have tutorials explaining step by step the WHYS and HOWs.
At The Picket Fence explained it in depth for me and I have added this to my side bar as an option for you, my friends that are already following!  If you are not on Goggle Plus, please Follow me on Linky, I do not want to lose your lovely smile on my blog!!  I have treasured every comment and follower and hope you will continue.

Thank you for your continued friendship...Di


  1. I am already following you on gfc, but have also linked up - just incase they get rid of gfc for all of us !


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