Saturday, March 31, 2012

WISHING You A Blessed Easter

                                                             A Blessed Day for you
                                                       Filled with light
 Spring is here

                                                                 Easter Baskets waiting to be filled
                                                             Sweet Little Birdies singing their song
                                                  Sweet wishes from those we love
                                                    Memories of days spent with those we love
Getting ready for the celebration of LIFE that resurrection brings!
Much love, DI

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It'sin North Carolina

It was a local type of weekend.  We went to Greenville and stopped at some great junking shops.
                                                                 This fun shop had great signage outside
                                The lady who was working here directed us to her parents shop down the road

My great find today was this:  Is it a little package with it's mouth wide open?
                                                  It reminds me of a little baby bird with it's mouth open!
                                                      It's a beautiful purse!!  This was only $10 and I have visions of it carrying beautiful creations for each season adding a perfect addition of the touch of French Elegance

Or is it a bird nest?

My SPRING tool box creation was only $6!!!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marketplace Goodness

Have you been to Debra's Monday Marketplace?

Hello, It's Debra

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Let me tell you there are some talented people out in blog land.  I wish I could buy something from everyone she has featured.
Did you know Debra was one of the ladies that I first started following a year ago?  Well, she was first her blog is beautiful, second she is a Godly Woman, third she has the generosity of a woman who is secure in herself and fourth she has great taste.
With all that said (don't you just love that phrase!), she has an awesome giveaway featuring Leslie Janson, another creative and beautiful soul.

Give Away

Give Away
ends April 1

SPRING on over...I have entered, and will be featuring my SPRINGS from my Esty shop of Monday

More Later on my fun Weekend with the Kids...Happy Monday my dearest friends,


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 Lace is an openwork fabric, patterned with open holes in the work, made by machine or by hand, as stated by Wikipedia.  I found a great cremelin slip and it reminded me of a Tutu.

I gave my mannequin a stole of lace, it reminded me of a girl going to her first show

 I collect it, love it and am a hoarder. 

I used a few bits out of my collection to add some texture and softness to my art work

                                      I love to add fabric, lace to a piece it adds that element of fashion.  When I add my art and then wood I consider what to do next...Maybe burlap?  We will see...

Until Next Time...I am joining

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Fine Craft Guild

Thursday Favorite Things


We have been playing a lot outside due to the beautiful Spring weather here in the Carolina's
A good time to use My Creative Memories Digital Scrapbook.
I am having a giveaway to enter go here

I love Vintage Hardware and Folk Art for outside it is so fun to discover...

The Family came over and enjoyed the beautiful weather
We played pirates, garden statues, and hide n go seek
We pretended we where climbing mountains

And discovering new places
We explored
And found a great stone throne (barbecue)

                                                                     We found some great specimens

                                                           And even gathered some to share with YOU
                                         What is your favorite outside game?  How do you record your family pictures?
                                               Come join me and enter to win a great program, or if you wish to you can go straight to the source and get yours now!!  Enjoy the beautiful weather!  Di