Friday, March 16, 2012

Do you have a ticket to Ride?

Wow have you heard there is a great Giveaway here, yes it is MY COTTAGE WISHES Giveaway.  Also, I am joining some great blogs for a HOP, HOP!!

 Join Angie At Knick Of Time and you will enter 4 Blogs @ once
I am linking my Vintage Junk Creations for SPRING
                      So, I got this old chair "Free", my family laughed at me then and still laughing at me now
                                                                                 The chair was so very dirty and filled with some bugs, yes, live ones, but I got these babies out!!!
I created these cute nest holders for EASTER,  SPRINGS FOR SPRING
                                  So next I painted the boards I found for $3 with my left over Anne Sloan paint
                                                                                 And this is the beautiful piece I am creating as my Spring Creation

So Have a wonderful weekend and Happy St. Patty's Day to you and yours 

                                                         May the Sun Shine upon your face
                                 May the flowers share their sweet smiling faces in the morning dew

And the sweet promise of Spring greet you!
Yes, I have a TICKET  and I hope you will hop over to get some great prizes, Much Love, Di

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  1. Very cute! Was any of the rest of the chair salvageable?


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