Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Irish Eyes Are Smilin'


                            The Coast of Ireland, an old ruin, I wonder if  found a 4 leaf clover?

                                The most beautiful place we stayed  close to the Cliffs of Moher
                           "Our Local Pub"  Many Irish Coffees here, I think I became a local!!
                                                                           So beautiful, so serene

                                   This is where our daughter planned on getting married
The beached we walked every day.

 My hubby's grandparents immigrated from Ireland. My youngest daughter was married in Ireland on the Cliffs O Moher.  She was barefoot and it was a wee bit chilly but she had that vision in her head.  I had stepped out on a venture of dreaming and planned everything for her, I still can't believe I made we made this happen.  The steps that lead to this were truly God driven.  We did it on a budget and had an experience that I don't think could have been any better.  We were able to make our little girls dreams come true and fulfill our life long dreams to go to Ireland to trace the steps of my husbands Grandparents.

Our Wedding Planner with my grandson, she had a beautiful accent.  She made the plans fit our budget and needs

                                                                   All of us after the wedding at the local Pub, Erin poured the drafts, a local man sang (in a baritone trained voice) a beautiful but sad song to the groom and we all had a great laugh when the petite wedding planner said "He could have sang a happier friggen song!"  Oh, you have to love the Irish.
So, may the road that leads to your tomorrows be filled with joy and happiness.  Di
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