Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marketplace Goodness

Have you been to Debra's Monday Marketplace?

Hello, It's Debra

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Let me tell you there are some talented people out in blog land.  I wish I could buy something from everyone she has featured.
Did you know Debra was one of the ladies that I first started following a year ago?  Well, she was first her blog is beautiful, second she is a Godly Woman, third she has the generosity of a woman who is secure in herself and fourth she has great taste.
With all that said (don't you just love that phrase!), she has an awesome giveaway featuring Leslie Janson, another creative and beautiful soul.

Give Away

Give Away
ends April 1

SPRING on over...I have entered, and will be featuring my SPRINGS from my Esty shop of Monday

More Later on my fun Weekend with the Kids...Happy Monday my dearest friends,


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