Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My office furnishings

I am fixing up my office at my new job and I am gathering supplies and ideas...So
I went out shopping and found this great chair for $25

or I found this chair for $25

And I found this great metal piece, do I use for candles or how about little plants?

                                           What about this cool wood piece from my junk stash?
                            I found some great frames for $3 each and painted them a Louis Blue in
                                           Anne Sloan paint, I wonder how I could incorporate them?
 I walked by this in the Screen Door Antique mall and wondered what this would is a stretcher made into a chaise lounge!!  Wouldn't that be a hoot in my medical office setting?
So I know you are waiting to see how my office looks but that will have to wait until I decide on the elements

I will need a plant stand but this one was a little pricey...I will keep looking for that element and I will need another chair.  I am hoping this weekend to find the right table and then will do a big room reveal next week.

I am so enjoying my new work place and the people I work with.  Such a pleasure to go to work and make a difference.
Joining these lovely ladies

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